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大衆文芸作法:直木 三十五(511-564)/1407


The piercing of a small sword, an awning on her waist, looks glowing brightly, because the lampstand of the candlestick is stopped there.


He told the samurai to be nodded.


"That person goes taking a slurp.


It goes for the young samurai.


The shoulder began to eat.


...... Always there are young samurai warriors.

……そう白の顔! 食いしばった口! 若衆武士は半身を縮ませている! ねらわれているちょうのようだ! ひの長じゅばんがずれて来た。

...... That's white face! Cluttered mouth! Warrior samurai is contracting half! It seems to be aimed! His long jib came off.

ズルズルとはって行かれる毎に、じゅばんのえりが背後へ引かれる! くび足が象牙の筒のように延びた。

Every time I go with a slurp, the collar of the jamb is drawn behind! The neck stretched like an ivory cylinder.


...... The left and right shoulder was blown away.

象牙の玉を半分に割って、伏せたような滑らかで白い肩だ! ……焔が二片畳の上を嘗めた! あのお方の巻いていたしごきの先だ! ……だんだん距離がせばまって来た。

I divide ivory balls in half, it's a smooth, white shoulder like a lying face! ...... Flame licked on two-piece tatami mat! It's the end of the ironing that was rolling! ... ... The distance gradually came down.


But there will be five shaku.


... .... "(...)

「私はお前一人と決めたよ! こういうことはこれまでには無かった! それは一人に決めたいような、私の好みに合った男が、見つけられなかったがためなのだよ、……お前は私には不思議に見える! 優しい顔や姿には似ないで厳かで清らかな心を持ってる。

"I decided to be one person! There was not such a thing in the past! It is because I could not find a man that fits my taste that I wanted to decide alone ... .... You me It looks strange! I do not resemble a gentle face or figure and I have a rigid and pure heart.


That's why I like it.


I will definitely eat that heart and chew and drink it! ...... You seem to be an "eternal man".

だから私は食べてやり度い! そうしてお前を変えてやり度い!」女の声の絶えた時、例の富士型の額を持った武士が、震える声でいいつづけた。

That's why I eat it! Then change yours and do it! "When the woman's voice ceased, a samurai with an example Fuji-type forehead kept on shaking voice.


"Now, the young samurai gave the right hand.


I took it to the waist side.


I started to stroke the belt with that hand.

だがあの眼は何といったらよいのだ! 悲しみの涙をたたえていて、怒りの焔を燃やしている。

But what is it that the eye said! She is crying for tears of sorrow, burning a flame of anger.


... ... but what to say about that sitting is good.


While trying to pull it behind, it will not move from the same place.


...... At last the distance was three grade allowed.


That's because he's gone belly! "


The samurai of three of the fellow watched while watching the back of such a samurai while fearing.


"That guy will soon in fright."


"Let's extend hands together."


"Support me so that it will not collapse, let's do it."


- At that time the woman's voice laughed.


This is a passage of Shiro Kunieda 's "daughter smoker" serialized in the Tokyo Asahi Newspaper.


Is not this sentence a wriggling sentence which is "difficult"?


Would not it be possible to express expressions more clearly?


An unnecessary long adjective that repeats the same words over and over again is used in the way that it arrives.


The sentences are unnatural, there is no animation, so there is no tempo.


Unfortunately this is an example of a bad statement.


Then, then -


Nobunaga who came out after finishing long-term bowel festival seemed to be natural, in the beginning of the story, suitable for practice


"Try saying the number of cut sheaths of some wandering girls and give a wielding to those who told you."


I brought up the problem.


Of course there were Ranmaru among the candidates.


This test is highly unfair.


Although it can not be said that the examiner has leaked the problem, it can be said that it is a question of being devoted to one examinee.


I feel somewhat irritated by homosexuality as unbearable as Nobunaga, and I think that I tried such a mental test from time to time, I feel a friendless affinity.


The submission etc submitted an answer to me.


It is also a funny story.


As if there is no basis, since it is called how many, it can not hit, even if it hits it is a maglev sledding.


Because it is said that it is a kind of monstrosity, but if it is totally occupied by the occupants, there is a ground for doing dow and it seems to be unreasonable, so this answer is more than a case, first of all.


If those who ask the question also answer, the city flourished for a while for inquiries for more than the Konjac question answer.


Nobunaga embraces a pleasant smile


"Well, then." In the mind, I was extremely happy in anticipation of my satisfaction when I was able to give Ranmaru this junkie and Ranmaru's joy.


However, Ranmaru did not try to answer with his mouth full until the end.


This is a passage of Yaya Izumo 's "Taikosan" of the evening paper of the Journal Newspaper on the same day.


How is this sentence?


This is indeed an understandable sentence.