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大衆文芸作法:直木 三十五(657-689)/1407


However, if there are still unknown points after all efforts, if it is necessary for the unknown point to be necessary to reveal the era, in such a case the fantasy as a historical novelist is left to the author's desire It can be demonstrated.


I think that I will take a couple of examples from Meredikovskii's works.


"Death of the gods" Another name "Apostate Julien" depicts the historical facts in Rauma of the 4th century which is a time of struggle between Christianity and rare thought.


The author focuses his deep philosophical and civilized historical knowledge, which is extremely fine of the description.


For example, it depicts "a dirty, poorly-smelling town in Serekia, facing Syrian shipyard, Great Antiochia Bay on the Mediterranean coast.


...... The houses piled up something like a cage and it was just the length that clay covered from the outside.


Some houses that faced the traffic were covered with old furry like a dirty rag or something.


...... Half of the slaves were carrying a bale from the ship through the walking board.


All of their heads were half shaved off, and from the gap of my bodies I could see the traces of moss.


A lot of people were black on the entire face, and the branding was stamped with burned iron.

夫は Cave Furem を略した拉丁文字のCとFで、その意味は、「盗賊に注意せよ」と云うのであった。

The husband was C and F of the aboriginal letters that abbreviated Cave Furem, and its meaning was "to note thieves."


... I heard a sound like scratching an iron plate from a blacksmith in a bowl, heard a sound like scratching my ears, a red haze from the ore furnace, a soot rising with a whirlpool rolling.


Next to that, the baked bread slave wears a white powder from the head to the end of the foot and puts the bread into the basket while igniting the eyelids red for fire.


In the open shoe store where the smell of glue and skin is pungent, the host responded to singing a song of the tongue with a full throat voice stitched together with the glow of the lantern with the light of the maid. .


... ... On the top of the prosthetic gate there was a street lamp drawn to obsessive paintings dedicated to the god of preampos, and every time we crown the doorway of Senton, the internal pattern was overlooked.


It's almost as small as a stable, small narrow room continues all the time, prices are exported at the entrance one by one.


In the breathless darkness, the woman's naked body looked white.


... ....


Furthermore, the existence of a small "chef 's restaurant" in the vicinity of Caesarea of Kappatokiya at the beginning of this novel is drawn as follows.


...... It is a cottage with a straw, and on the other side is a dirty cattle cottage, with birds and goose and something like eaves attached.


The interior was partitioned between two.


Meanwhile, in the common room, the other side was devoted to the status guests.


...... Even if we say partition, we just bundled up sticks and besides it was merely one that gave Fortunate's old, faded outfit.


These two sticks ...... have been gilded long ago, but now they are already entering and peeling from the people from around the time ago.


In a clean room separated by a partition cloth, with a tin pot and a table with several cups in front, in front of this narrowly torn bed with only one in this house, Lu Xiao Tianqian Regiment No. 9 Ninth Team Leader Marxus Sukojiro was lying down.


...... Sitting at the feet of the same bed, also seemed cramped and quietly seductive, the eighth, the eighth, the obesity han of the face with the asthma holding of the hundreds captain Burrius · Akvors, and the face of the sky On the head that scratches off, it strokes sparse sesame salt hairs from the back side to both sides.


On the floor slightly far away, 12 Luo Ma soldiers are playing with Muko.


Here the depiction of the soldier appears, but the war between Luo Ma Army and Wave Army, which appears in the second half, was fascinating.


Wave Army is using wartime.


The Navy opened up a roaring like deafening and opened the thick red moist mouth of the meat with a long nose rolling up.


Each time, the breath of a crazy monster suffered only in the face of Luo Militia against the sake containing pepper and flavor.


This is a special drink used by Wave People to get drunk of elephants before battle.


Fang painted with red mud with red and covered with sharp steel and penetrated the horse's side belly, a long nose winds up the knight high in the air and beat it against the ground.