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大衆文芸作法:直木 三十五(690-724)/1407


...... On the back, the poor made from leather was tied with a thick leather string, and among them the four shooters threw fire arrows filled with pine resin and meno.


- The defense of Rauma Army against that is to say, a lightly arrested thriller's shooter, a pester of Paplagognya, and a kind of spearful Ilyriyer troops pouring lead, referred to as Furthioparburi.


They aim at the elephant's eye and throw a spear.


The elephant is mad.


Cut the strap that binds the roof.


The shooter is thrown down to the ground.


And they are trampled under the feet of huge monsters.


There is a terrible thing in the wave army like iron king troops or car troops.


The iron cavalry is wearing the whole body with a scaly steel bullion, and outside the mouth except the eyes and mouth is almost immortal, and the knights armed with a rank with even thicker chain They join each other and come as a group.


The car corps combine a sharp sickle with the axle of the tank and the wheels, crawl it on a thin spider horse and assault it.


Luohu soldiers who touched the sickle are engraved like a leaf of vegetables.


Truly the brutal wars of the time are truly drawn, such as the Rauma Army 's attack method against such a terrible weapon, defensive battle of the shield, how the emperor straddles the camel and escape, and so on.


With respect to the depiction of the underlying society mentioned above, it is sufficient to look at the unified view of the emperor's shaving of Constantine for the life of the upstream society.


Again, I would like to allow long quotes.


The barber was holding a face like doing even a mysterious ceremony exactly.


On both sides, countless sleeping hangings dedicated to various vessels, paint, wipes, salt, etc, were laid out, including Eussebius, a chief of chief of the majestic orders now lining up in the empire.


Besides, two boys with fans are waiting.


Throughout the mystery of shaving, they embolded the emperor with thin, wide silver fans shaped like angels with six wings.


The barber finally finished his right cheek and started to the left.


And while carefully painting the soap filled with Akinobi perfume called Afroditi 's bubble, the emperor' s morning makeup approached the end.


With a thin brush, he took a little rouge from the gold wire box.


It had a shape to be said to be a model of a box that contained the remains of the priestess, and the lid had a cross.


Konstantius was deeply faithful, and the crucifix of the shichihreu and the initials of the director were attached to every corner-sized tool.


Scarlet used by him was a kind of special and expensive item which boiled purple shells to purify the rose color foam, saying "Purpshima".


In the room called ...... purple, the emperor's costume was stored in a quirky cupboard with five towers on top, called "Pentaville Gion", but this Eunuch from the room brought the emperor's vest.


It was a rough clothing that was hardly able to be folded, heavy like gold or jewelry, on which the lions and snakes grew wings embroidered with purple crystal.


...... Emperor fascinated the hall to the corridor of marble.


Imperial Palace guards stood a long spear with a quadrilateral scale and stood side by side in two rows like a sculpture.


The flag of Konstantinus made of gold which the ceremony officer dedicates sounded silent while the director's initials gleamed.


The quiet officer ran in front of the queue and ordered a godly silence by waving his hands.


Others, the depiction of the temple with decoration of monstrous half eagle monsters, famous bathhouse and so on are all fine.


Also, the living condition at the time was active again at the time, such as the habit of aristocratic siblings educated on the basis of stoicism, the habit of being able to sleep on hard bedding, the ruja man's shame which does not shame that modern people become naked It is emerging.


It seems that the author Merezkovskii was able to reminisce the air of the time like this by the fact that he had experience of saying that he traveled in the southern Europe region, but his study It is a real attitude and its deep understanding knowledge is indeed amazing.


Also here is the reason why Meredikovskii is a landowner of the twentieth century historical novel.


Meredikovskii is a philosopher and a religionist.