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大衆文芸作法:直木 三十五(1023-1050)/1407


You will see how scientific equipments are complete and that it now has the same significance as human progress.


Advances in science, this is the basic thing of today's life.


Today, in human social life, personal thought emotions are dragged by changes in society which is almost eye - catching based on scientific progress.


Today, as personal life is completely subordinated to social life like this, there is nowhere to be excited and consoled by literature of the 19th century anywhere.


In what way should the problems of literature - novels in the transitional era be found and where to solve the problem?


And, before that, what kind of literature will be devoted to such a period, - a novel in a newly rising moment, - a novel that is urgently required by the reader masses?


Well, the problem came here.


So, what about literary art?


- Of course, it should be something rational and scientific.


I think that the reason why "detective story" came in recently, and also what direction it should proceed in the future, the very reason must be fundamentally asked for more points.


Besides, the tempo is fast, stimulation is many, and the present day personal life, - entertaining thing so as not to be caught in the troubles of it without touching emotional life, the request of such a novel, When it comes to interest, it is a natural consequence that scientific novels come forth screaming there.


So I think that 'detective story' would be perfect as one premise towards that direction, and eventually as we should progress in the scientific direction more and more, it came and faded .


The same thing can be said even if we observe our literary history.


In Japan, "Science fiction" once advanced in parallel with "Detective novel".


As I mentioned earlier in the general theory, when various people including Morita Morita translated "Detective Novel", they are already "Treasure Island" of Stevenson, "Sea Bottom of 20,000 Bers" of Berne, others " Travel "mystery was thoroughly read.


People of our country who were scared of science for isolation saw their eyes on new scientific knowledge and read them intensely.


After that, Kuroiwa Atsuka adapts Wells, Kikuchi Yuhoi adapts adventurers of Haggard.


In this way, "science fiction" has developed well together with "detective story", but before one can not fully see the achievement, it is frustrating and you have to temporarily decline There was not.


It is nothing other than for the development of a form of naturalistic literary thought in our country.


In this way, "science novel" "detective novel" has been expelled from the field of literary arts.


In the meantime, in western countries, in parallel with "detective novel", scientific strange novels or phantom novels - like Reinhardt and Haggard's works - were thriving actively On the other hand, as a pure "science fiction", the works of H. G. Wells, Jack London and Conan Doyle magazines came full of vague demands of reading classes at the same time.


In this way, science was not sufficiently popular in our country.


Nonetheless, the amazing progress of science, its importation, has soon left to demand the readers of our country to have knowledge about them again.


These foreign trends will soon be imported and "detective story" has finally come to prosper now as you see now.


At the same time, "science fiction" is unfortunately a 残 that is still left undeveloped.


But, of course, "science fiction" must also be focused on in the future and it is said that it is suitable for that momentum.


But the difficulty, especially in Japan, is that scientific novels require extremely rich knowledge and imagination as they are often repeated.


It is obvious that Japanese citizens are generally lacking in scientific knowledge, but in particular there is nothing with a victory idea that today's literary scholars of the country will deeply study scientific knowledge, Such a sloth is in a condition to say that it is impossible to wrote a sentence.