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大衆文芸作法:直木 三十五(1051-1078)/1407


This must be gloomy.


Because something as a future literary man sits, turns his eyes away from every sense of knowledge, only looks at the surroundings of himself and herself, nothing can write anything but a narrow world.


Politics, economy, science, society can master all professional knowledge, and by not compounding them, to create one good insight as a writer, if nothing special, in the future It is not difficult to predict that the art of print art - literature must be overwhelmed by the radios and movies that exercise the power of modern science itself at the time of printing.


Therefore, young people of the future need to recognize "scientific novel" as a step inevitably as a step towards the occurrence of future comprehensive large literature, and to fully pay attention.


At the same time, if you come to think of it, you may have arrived at times when you have to stand up as a shame and knowledge of a literary person, against the laziness of contemporary literary students.


Well, the existing "science fiction" can be classified by the following three trends.


The first is based on the knowledge of current science, drawing it in a bizarre form, tying it to one incident.


For example -


It is like "Lost World" by Asa Conan Doyle.


"Lost World" has already been made into a movie and readers are also well aware that the highlands inhabited by dinosaurs, dragons and apes, which are the animals of the previous world, are living in the uninvited inner lands of South America It is a story to explore, created with scientific knowledge plus abundant fantasy power.


When the expedition team returns home and holds a report meeting in Ritsu, the flying dragon chicks taken out as real samples quickly fly away from the high windows of the ceiling of the venue, the audience plays a fuss, I am also fully equipped with interests.


Other works such as Jules Verne 's "Moon World Tour" and "Seafloor Travel" may belong to this class.


Others It is also a matter that depicts a strange way in Africa by inclining knowledge on animal and plant science according to the geographical foundation as seen in various works of Henry Ryder Haggard.


In other words, it includes work that interestingly wrote every mystery in the sky, underwater, underground, and above ground, which can be imagined based on the knowledge of modern science, and it is likely to have a romantic tendency.


Secondly, although it is of course based on scientific knowledge, of course also works of a kind that also includes social significance in addition to it.




An example of that looks like Jack London 's works, such as "Wild cry".


"Wild cry" is a novel with a single dog as the main character, initially being educated by a rich man, but it was stolen by man, sold, abused or dragged down on the desolate ice fields of North Alaska, Or it is a unique story that is worn by the pet dogs and trained in human emotions, wandering among cultures and savages, finally awakening the wild beasts of nature, the head of the wolves.


London is also a work "before Adam" describing the primitive life of man and implies escape route from contemporary overculture to half-beast life.


Besides that, although it is basically based on the above points, it is written on one's interest.


For example -


I think that works like Several Burroughs' Tarzan Stories', Stevenson 's "Black End White", "Dr. Ziegil and Mr. Hyde" should be included in this category.


The last trend is as follows.


That is, it is represented by various works of H · G · Wells.


For example, in 'Instruments of Time', He Wells wrote instruments that go back and forth in hundreds of thousands of years in an instant and implicitly wrote a society captured by instruments at "When I wake up to sleep".


How does this type of science fiction develop in the future now?


- Including those depicting the future scientific development of society according to the deepening scientific knowledge and the extraordinary imaginative power.


In other words, it tells the purest science novel.