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大衆文芸作法:直木 三十五(1079-1106)/1407


Three trends like those mentioned above are seen in the "science fiction" that is being done today, but today all of these are placed in a state that is not included more than merely entertainment interests There are almost no works that can overcome that level.


At the same time, "science fiction" has to develop further, and in the near future it must be seen more and more prosperity.


I think that we can affirm as follows.


In other words, when the direction of correct scientific development is scientifically integrated, unified, implied, legitimately and clearly, the direction in which science is to progress is pointed out by excellent literature, The comprehensive major literature himself could fully take the significance and duties of the social revolution on his shoulders.




See the speed of today's intense science development.


Accelerative development that does not know the destination of this science is a way of being unacceptable even for the imagination of the general public.


One important significance and duty of future literature must be said to explain and instruct the development of that science to the reader.


I think the extent to which the scientific progress of this human society has developed by the brains of one Edison - to what extent human society itself has advanced to what extent - In our society, what today's theories such as Marxists or any conservatives who oppose that idea would end up being fundamentally destroyed is not necessarily fancy Well, it seems to be.


It is not surprising that enormous machine industrialization resulting from the development of science inevitably results in a large number of unemployed people.


As that is now the foundation of social problems, in order to solve it it is necessary to deny the machine - eventually the science itself, or to develop the science more thoroughly, either way There is absolutely impossible outside there.


However, it seems that social policy will never be saved fundamentally.


To deny science requires denying the current civilization and returning to the primitive, therefore it is impossible to recognize the progress of mankind as a whole and to imagine a visionary who attempts to return the rut of history to the past It is out of the way of thinking.


We reach the conclusion that only one legitimate thing is absolutely impossible to promote the progress of mankind, namely to actually make efforts to develop science more fully.


See it.


Science is steadily progressing towards its development, with a gradual and gradual acceleration on the surface.


As an example, let's look at architecture as an example.


Building materials have already used many artificial materials without using natural materials.


Buildings other than wooden buildings are mostly built with artificial materials alone, yet these artificial materials are much cheaper and more robust than natural stone.


The tendency of such development exists indefinitely, therefore, it is the present situation that even a material which is more expensive is found even by studying feldspar as well as it is.


When that is completed, what will our social life become like?


As we will receive communication from the USA in the radio, progress of science will never be imagined that we will be able to provide houses completed with one tsubo cost of 10 yen to mankind It is not difficult.


In addition, camphor, a natural product of Taiwan, famous as one of the world's leading producers, is finally going to be overwhelmed by the camphor, a scientific product of monopolization.


All these other, countless examples are never fantasies.


No, it is no longer fantasy now.


It has been nearly two decades ago that artificial products began to invade our lives by squeezing natural products.


When these infinite scientific inventions are realized and have direct influence on our lives more and more, our way of life will be remodeled and what will be changed in the world Cow.


I believe that reporting, explaining, suggesting and pointing these to the general public in a suitable literary form is by no means a pointless work as a literary.