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大衆文芸作法:直木 三十五(1107-1154)/1407


Far from being meaningless, it must be said to be a valuable and meaningful duty of a literary person.


In this sense, "science novel" is my advocate at the same time.


In the idea of at least one, as today's proletarian literary figures depict the devastating life of the proletariat's entire people, how science's development will save them in the future, I dare to think whether it will be necessary to draw that as if to make the life of the people bright.


So, what kind of things do I belong to as a "science fiction" belongs to which of the three types of "science novels" currently being conducted?


It is not a highly romantic work belonging to the first kind, a work that aims at a strange novel, a strange idea, but also a considerable suspicion and a negative tendency to a scientific advance in human society It is not a thing belonging to the second kind of a kind that has a mindset and draws barbarous and primitive fascinatingly but rather a scientific novel that justifies the contribution of science to social life.


Of course, it must belong to a certain extent of entertainment meaning, but "science fiction" that depicts the brightness of society's future human life by science, in other words, belongs to the third kind Science fiction "that has reached a level higher than, or not, no.


More aggressively, it is even possible that future "science fiction" will be more positive toward future human culture in terms of scientific progress.


As a "science fiction", the point that I emphasize and focus on in this chapter is correctly the point above correctly.


And that science fiction is such a pure science novel and is also an orthodox science novel as a correct process to truly the future comprehensive literary literature Think.


About reference books.


As mentioned earlier in Japan, there is no "science fiction", so there is nothing to mention as a reference book.


Then, let's list the main foreign works in accordance with the above three classifications.


Since there are many things that have not been translated to our country yet, I will add them in advance as they are attached to them.


Those belonging to the first category.


Conan Doyle.

A. C. Doyle――

A. C. Doyle--

The Lost World.(失われた世界)

The Lost World. (Lost world)

The Poison Belt.(毒の帯)

The Poison Belt. (Poisonous belt)

Captain of the "Pole-Star."(北極星号船長)

Captain of the "Pole-Star." (Captain of North Pole Star)

The Land of Mist.(霧の国)

The Land of Mist. (Country of Mist)

The Doings of Raffles Haw.(ラッフル・ホウ行状記)

The Doings of Raffles Haw. (Ruffle Ho Line Statement)


Jules Verne.

Jules Verne――

Jules Verne--

From Earth to the Moon.(月世界旅行

From Earth to the Moon. (Moon World Tour)

Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea.(海底六万哩)

Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea. (Underwater Union)

Journey to the Center of Earth.(地中旅行)

Journey to the Center of Earth. (Underground trip)

The Mysterious Island.(不思議国)

The Mysterious Island. (Wonderland)


What belongs to category 2.


Jack London.

Jack London――

Jack London--

Before Adam.(アダム以前)

Before Adam. (Before Adam)

The Call of the Wild.(野性の叫び

The Call of the Wild.

Iron Heel.(鉄の踵)

Iron Heel. (Iron heel)


"Star-Rover." ("Star Rover")



E. R. Burroughs――

E. R. Burroughs--

Tarzan of the Apes.(類人猿ターザン)

Tarzan of the Apes. (Ape Turzan)

The Return of Tarzan.(ターザンの帰還)

The Return of Tarzan. (Return of Tarzan)

The Beast of Tarzan.(猛獣ターザン)

The Beast of Tarzan. (Beast of Tarzan)

The Son of Tarzan.(ターザン第二世)

The Son of Tarzan. (Tarzan II)


In addition, there are several "Tarzan stories".


Samuel Butler.

Samuel Butler――

Samuel Butler--


Erewhon. (Elephon)

nowhere を逆に綴ったのであって、彼の皮肉的理想郷を提示しているのである)

I spelled nowhere and presented his sarcastic ideal village)

Erewhon Revisited.(エレホーン再訪問記)

Erewhon Revisited. (Re-visit to Elehorn)


Things belonging to the last type.