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秘密の庭(チェスタートン ギルバート・キース):直木 三十五(79-115)/511


I guessed that they would probably also be talking about "science and religion", and Sir Galloay felt frustrated.


But when he opens the door of the guest, he saw that there was no commander Olean there, and that she also had no daughter Margaret.


As he came out of the cafeteria, he left the guest room and walked again by stepping through the corridor.


With the idea that we must protect our daughter from the hand of the bastard 's oblian, I feel like I'm going crazy.


When he went to the back behind the master's study, the daughter Margaret was surprised to see himself bashfully as he got banging as he got a burning, insulting face.


If the daughter was with Allian, where is the obolian guy now?


If my daughter was not with Bolean, where was my daughter up to now?


He was caught in a sort of crazy allegiance, going to the dark back of the house, by chance, he found a selfish door leading to the garden.


The moon like a half moon sword pounded the clouds of the storm 's remnants and threw a gleaming light into every corner of the garden.


He saw a high-profile in blue clothing then walking across the lawn and walking into the husband's study in the legs.


With a flash of moonlight shining silver white on the collar and sleeve of the military uniform, it turned out to be the commander's oblian.


That person went through the window of the French orchid style and disappeared into the building.


It seemed that a silver-blue garden like the scenery of the theater was mocking him somehow, leaving it in a kind of strange feel like Lord Galloay, like bitterness or desert.


Suspicious obsessed person of oborian - Sir Galloay was angry with the feeling that he was not a father but a lover of oborian.


Moonlight made him crazy.


He felt like being playing in the country of a witch of Watoo (a painter of France) by being magicked.


So, I thought that I wanted to shake that delusive delusion, he chased the footprint of the enemy soon.


Then I took a leg on a thing like a tree or a stone in the grass.


At the next moment, the moon and the high tree of poplar overlooked the sight which is nothing - a former diplomat in the UK stretching out loudly and running running around.


Dr. Simon's glittering eyeglasses and anxious eyebrows, which caught his broken vociferation and appeared at the doorway of the study, were the first men who gave Lord Galloaye the vociferation there were.


Sir Galloay was shouting like this.


"A dead body in the grassland - a bloody carcass!" At least obori etc. had disappeared completely from his heart.


"Well, you have to tell Van Lantern," when he talked about the facts the other side had seen, he said like this.


"But the police general superior is the most happy that he can be here."


When he was saying this, the great detective Van Lantin came into the study as hearing the vociferation.


He carefully caught somewhere that someone who visited him or her servant caused a sudden illness and stroked it with the master of the family or a gentleman.


His dignity quickly became vibrant in the vocation pattern, being inspired by the corruption that should be shudder.


Because it was his job, no matter how it was a sudden shivering shudder.


"Wonderful, A, everyone" When they got up to the garden in a hurry, Vallantan said.


"I have to walk through crime all over the world and I have to walk, now that incident happened from the back door of my house.


But where is the place? "


They all went across the grass.


Walking was not much easier as the night mist started to faintly stand from the river.


But at the lead of Lord Galloay trembling, they eventually found corpses lying in grasslands.


- A dead body of a very high, shoulder-wide man.


As he was lying down, I knew only that the big double shoulders were wrapped in a black kimono and that the brown head had a big bald sticking just a little like a wet seaweed .


Red blood was flowing like a snake from under the face with the bumps.