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秘密の庭(チェスタートン ギルバート・キース):直木 三十五(162-214)/511


Then, Sir Galloay. You think that it is the most appropriate person to tell stories about the incident so well as to cause a depression to the lady.


It is necessary for our ladies to remain.


My master and I will count the corpses. "


Dr. Simon went to the room of the sword and called Ivan like a private investigator of a real investigator.


Lord Galloay went to the guests and skillfully reported this frightening incident, so soon after the women gathered to the guests, the ladies' guy was already surprised as the surprise had already ended.


A faithful minister with a scar and mustache, Ivan jumped out of the house like a bullet, and the dog crawled across the grass as if the dog was called to his master and stuck to the place of Valantin.


His lead-looking face was also lively burning when a detective incident occurred inside my house.


Like asking for the owner 's forgiveness to investigate the corpse was almost crazy crazy.


"Okay, you can check it if you want to see it," the master said.


"But not long.


I have to go back to the room and have to find various things. "


Ivan gave him his face.


I set it to fall.

「オヤ、これは、不思議不思議! 閣下はこの男を御存知で?」

"Oya, this is a wonder wonder! Does your expert know about this man?"


"Do not know" Van Lantin said to himself.


"It would be better for us to get into the house"


They carried dead bodies on the chair in the study and then went to the guests.


The detective quietly turned to the desk with a little delay.


But his eyes were like the iron eyes of a judge in the judge seat.


After scribbling something twenty-three lines down on a piece of paper before, in short words, "Are you all here?"


I asked.


"Mr. Brain is not here," said the Duchess of Mont-Michel while looking around.


Sorry to say "Oh yeah," Lord Galloay also cried out, "It seems like there are neither oborian nor, but I saw him walking in the garden when the corpse was still warm."


"Please tell Ivan, Commander of Bolean and Mr. Blain," the master said.


"Mr. Blain is at the cafeteria around the end of the cigar, and oborian commander would have taken a walk in the greenhouse.


I do not understand it. "


When the faithful butler faded away, Van Lantern continued to speak in an unforgiving phrase of military expression, as if not breathing to each other.


"Everyone who comes out here is familiar, but the human body has been found in the garden, the neck is being cut from the torso.


Dr. Simone, you inspected that, do you need a lot of power to cut the human neck like that?


Or about a very sharp knife? "


"Sa, I can not cut it with a knife, etc ..." A doctor said with a bright face.


"Well, do you have any idea about that kind of pottery?"


"It is difficult with recent clothes," Dr. puts eight letters between the brows and said.


"Originally - the thing called the neck is a giggis and it is difficult to slash.


However, this is spirited by beauty.


Well, I can do it like an old neck slaughter, or an ancient sword of both sides. "


"Because, well!" Duchess shouted hysterically.


"There will not be any swords and spirits on both sides here."


Van Lantin was still writing something on the piece of paper in front of her eyes.


Keep on writing while still saying "How do you say", "Is it a military sword of French cavalry?"


I asked.


There was something that knocked the door low.


They made a mistake for reasons why they had no reason.


In the silence like that icy, Dr. Simon said this much.


"Army sword - that's right, if it's a military sword it might be killed."


"Thank you" said Van Rantan.


"Otori, Ivan"


Faithful Ivan opened the door and came up with commander O'Brien.


I finally found the commander still walking in the garden.


The commander was a disturbing breeze, standing in the doorway with a slight bit of attitude to it.


"Do you have something else?"


He cried.


"Take care" Vantan talked to me sweetly.