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秘密の庭(チェスタートン ギルバート・キース):直木 三十五(215-258)/511


"Oh, you do not have a military sword, where have you put it?"


"I came on top of the library's Takako," because he is doing it, he took out his Irish accent, and Obulean said.


"Because it was an obstacle, it hit the waist ... ...."


"Ivan" and Van Lantin said, "Please pick up the horses from the library from the library" Since the servant got up, "Lord Galloay did not know just before the dead body was found, you I was told that I saw the place where I went out into the garden, what were you doing in the garden? "


The commander drove the body to the chair like throwing.


"Oh yeah" I cried out with a love-affair language speech, "I was looking at the moon.


Come with nature and inspiration "


The heavy silence continued.


Eventually I heard an amazing knock in the example.


Ivan appeared again with a steel sheath without a blade.


"I have found only this," Ivan said.


"Put it on Takako," Vallantan said without looking.


Like a brutal silence that is floating around a courtroom of a murdere who was sentenced to death, brutal silence dominated the room.


It was faded past the age that the Duchess screamed weakly.


The next voice was a completely unexpected voice.


"Oh, I'd like to make a request," Miss Margaret cried out with a clear, trembling voice when a brave woman speaks before the public.


"Well, I know well what we did in Oribe in the garden, Oblean is silent as it is hard to say, but, in fact, please apply for marriage to me actually However, I declined it.


Because there is no way outside for refusing on the circumstances of our households, I just raised my respect only.


Mr. oborian was a little indignant.


He thought that my respect and etc. did not seem to be too much thought, though, but added a strange smile.


"Let's have it down with my respect also now.


No matter where I go, I swear that he will never spend such a thing. "


Sir Galloay was stuffing up with her daughter, but he was threatening her with the intention of a low voice on his own.


"Shut up, maggie" I said in a low voice as he could say.


"Why do you protect the crowd?


Where's the sword of a fish?


Where is the damn damn cavalry sword?


- "


He intended to say more, but my daughter 's strange eyes, it stopped being in a strange eyes with a sucking like a strong magnet like a powerful magnet.


"Your father does not understand!" Although Margaret was in a loud voice, he struck out the mask of god and said.


"What exactly are you going to discover so much?"


He was innocent when he was beside me.


Even if I was not innocence, I was with me.


If he had murdered in his garden, who would have seen it - who would at least know that?


Your father would not hate Obleen, even his own daughter - "


Mrs Galloay gave a loud voice and shouted.


The others gave a glittering touch of the demonic tragedy that would have happened between the young two.


They looked at the proud white face of the Scottish aristocracy and her lover, a dangerous figure of a love affair like a sieve portrait in a dark house.


During a pathological silence, an innocent voice went on.


"Was it a very long cigar?"


They suddenly surprised the sudden words and looked around as to who said what.


From the corner of the room, the father-in-law Brown said, "I mean the cigar that Mr. Blain was smitten.


It seems like a long cigar like a walking stick. "


Although it was a word that would not be to the point of necessity at all, there was a look like a tantrum that was admired by the face of Valantin who raised his head by listening to it.