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秘密の庭(チェスタートン ギルバート・キース):直木 三十五(259-302)/511


"No, absolutely" he said sharply.


"Ivan, come back to see Mr Blain again, and take me here soon"


When the butler closed the door and went out, Van Lantern spoke to Daughter with a very enthusiastic now.


"Mr. Margaret, we all felt gratitude and praise for the explanation you attempted about the actions of the commander.


However, there are still plenty of room for explanation.


The father tells me that you got tired of going from the study to the guest room.


Then it is only a few minutes later that my father saw Obleen walking still in the garden still "


"But I'd like you to know this kind of thing as well," Margaret replied to her voice somewhat ironically.


"Because that was the time I just refused the application of that person, I could not have translated the two of us back together.


Anyway, he is a gentleman, so that's why he left behind - he received the suspicion of murder, etc. "


"During that part of time" Van Lantern went heavily.


"Obulean is the fact that -"


I knocked again and Ivan pulled out a face with a sword.


"I can speak, Mr. Blaine has already left."


"What went home!" Van Lantern stood seated for the first time while shouting like this.


"I went and finished.


I ran away in the night.


Evaporation occurred, "Ivan replied in comic French orchid.


"There is neither a hat nor a cloak of that person.


I ran into the table to see if there was any trace, and I found a great one. "


"What is it, what is that?"


"I am looking for you," his servant said, and brought a witty sword shining glow with a blood stain on the tip and stump.


They all caught it as if they were struck by lightning.


But familiar Ivan is totally at ease.


"I found that it was thrown into the bush where I went about fifty miles of the Paris river road.


In other words, I have found this at that place just as you lucky when your valuable Blaine escaped. "


A silence happened again, but it was different from what we have done.


Van Lantin took up the extrusion and looked at it and seemed to feel something calmly.


Then he turned his face towards Oribian towards his head, "Commander, I believe that if this warrior is necessary as evidence, I will offer you anytime.


Until then "while adding this blade to the sheath which is going down, I said," Let's return it for once. "




The night began.


However, the mystery of doubt still could not be solved.


After the breakfast, when the commander Olean sat back with Dr. Simon on the seat of the garden, a keen scientific head of doctor quickly gave a dead body problem again.


But oborian did not care for the story much.


His thoughts were full of pleasant cases than discussions etc.


When Margaret and two people walked around the flower bed before breakfast, Margaret gave a nice reply.


"No, it's not a very interesting incident," the commander said frankly.


"To top it all goes far enough to be solved.


I'm sure that Blain hated that victim for some reason, so I brought it to this garden and killed it with my sword.


And when he gave up he threw a sword into the bush and ran away to the city, sometimes Dr. Ivan told me that US money was in the pocket of the victim , Then you can see that the victim was also a person in the blaine country.


Then it seems there are no doubts etc in the incident anymore. "


"No, I have five big questions here," Dr. quietly said.


"Just like there is a higher fence inside the fence.