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秘密の庭(チェスタートン ギルバート・キース):直木 三十五(400-441)/511


And of course I will remember the twin brothers who are in monsters and then follow the clues. "


Iwan, who had been talking, stopped talking about noticing that no one was listening to his story.


The commander and the doctor were staring at the father-in-law Brown and looking surprised at seeing his head firmly, like a person complaining of sudden pain.


"I waited, I waited, I waited!" He exclaimed, "I wait talking for a while, I knew halfway.


Will God give power to me?

 神よ助けたまえ! わしは考える事がかなり上手なのだがわしは昔はアクイナス(十三世紀伊太利の哲学者)の本等はどの頁でも解釈が出来たものだ。

God help me! I'm pretty good at thinking but I used to interpret any page of Aquinas (the philosopher of the thirteenth century Italian philosopher) on any page.


Does my head break? - Do you see this?


I could do half of it - I was just half done. "


He held his head on both hands and set up as if it was in sedation or prayerful torture, while the other three just set the last casualties of their twelfth twelve hours I was just staring.


When the teacher 's father Brown' s hands came down, they became youthful serious looks like children.


He breathed a big sigh, and said, "Let's say I'm going to hurry.


Well then, let's make you sweet quickly, "he turned towards the doctor," Dr. Simone, you have quite a keen mind.


I caught you this morning that you gave me a choice question for this case.


So, once I ask you a question, I will answer it and show it. "


Dr. Simon's suspicion and marvel at fear of falling from his nose, but he immediately answered,


"Very good, the first question is whether about one person was killed with a needle but why he was killed with an unruly military sword etc."


"The human being can not beat his neck with a needle or the like," the monk gently said, "Moreover, it was absolutely necessary for the murderer to kneel off the neck."




Asked Oborian with interest.


"Then the next question?"


Brown asked.


"Sah, why did the victim scream or did not manage it?


There is certainly no such thing as a military sword in the garden. "


"The branches of the trees," said the monster in a bad way, and turned towards the windows where the scene of the row was visible.


"Everyone can see the light of that twig, why did such a branch fall on the lawn, which is far away from other trees, such branches?


That was not broken, it was cut.


The culprit showed that it was able to cut branches in the air with a military sword, and had enemies calm.


And then, spiral the enemies crouchingly trying to see the result, spiritually spiraling, and the neck fell, and so on "


"I see," Dr. has got down, "but for the next question anyone will close it"


The monster still looked outside the window as he did in appraisal, waiting for the words of the doctor.


"As you know, this garden is sealed in all sides like a sealed room, is it okay? Well, why is there someone else stabbed into the garden?"


Said the doctor.


Instead of turning around, the monk replied, "None of you are going to come in"


There was a bit of silence here, then suddenly laughter laughter broke that tension.


Brown 's theory is furious, so Ivan began breaking down.

「フン! じゃ昨晩私等が大きな死体を長椅子の上に引きずらなかったですかい?

"Huh! Well, did not we drag a big dead body over a chaise long last night?


Did not you sneak into the garden? "


"Are you going to the garden?"


Brown thought and tried over, "No, not all of them are necessary"


"It is not a joke, there are no reasons why people who are in the garden can stay here," he cried.


"Not necessarily" Brown smiled and said, "Dr., what was the next question?"


"You seem to be bad somewhere," Dr. Simon shouted sharply, "But if you have a Nozomi, let's ask the next question.