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秘密の庭(チェスタートン ギルバート・キース):直木 三十五(442-485)/511


How did Blain go out of the garden? "


"No, Blain never leaves the garden." The monk said again looking out the window.


"Are you going out of the garden?"


Said the doctor exploded.


"It's not like I was going out alright," said the master Father Brown.


Simon sprangly fisted, "he says," There is no reason for going out of the garden, "he cried.


"It is not necessarily so," said the master, Brown.


Dr. Simone has already flew up.


"I do not have time to do such a bold debate," he cried out.


If you do not see anything inside or outside the fence, I do not need to bother you any more. "


"The doctor" said the monk calmly.


"We are always very pleasantly making friends with each other.


Would you correct one morale for familiarity and talk about the fifth question? "


Simple Simon said to himself, bursting his waist in a chair near the door.


"The neck and shoulder was slashed by a strange wind.


It seems he did it after killing him. "


The monk said, "Do not move," said the monk, "It was to make sure that you made a simple making that you fainted, and that the neck belonged to that fuselage It's a job I tried to make it think. "


The teacher 's father finally turned his body, then a thick curl appeared on his face as it was more strange with the window behind.


I found out that it was as pure as in ashes as well in that vegetation.


Nevertheless, he spoke quite well.


"Everyone, you guys have not found a dead body of Beckel that you do not know in that garden.


You guys have not found corpses you do not even know in that garden.


In opposition to Dr. Simon 's reasoning, I will assure you that there was only a fraction of the little son called Beckle.


I can not regard this! "While pointing to the corpse of Kuro's doubt," You never met that man in your life.


Have you ever met these guys before? "


He quickly rolled an unfamiliar yellowish bald and placed a gray hair head on the trail.


Then, the figure of Julius · Kay · Blaine was completed just as it was.


"The perpetrator" Brown kept silent quietly, "I slashed the enemy's neck and threw the sword towards the fence.


But he did not throw all the swords as he was casual.


The culprit also threw the head again to the outside of the fence.


Then he applied the outside neck to the corpse.


So you seemed like a totally different person to you "


"You put another neck on!" Oburean said with round eyes.


"What is the neck of other neck?"


No doubt the neck grew in the garden grass? "


"No" and his father-in-law Brown said with a loud voice, staring at the footsteps, "There is no place where the neck can do.


It was in the basket on the deck stand, and the director of the chief of Van Lantern stood before one hour before the flight.


Well, everyone, do not listen to something a bit more than before breaking me.


If it is said that it is fair and impartial to be conscious of reasons that can be demonstrated, Ms. Van Lantern is fair and equitable.


Why are you noticing that you are crazy watching the cold gray eyes of the general supervisor?


He does not call the cross a superstition, in order to break it, it can not do anything.


He fought for that, and thirsty for it, and he did murder for that.


Mr Blain scattered millions of goods like madness, but since it spans all sects, there should never be unfairness.


But Mr. Van Lantern has heard rumors that Mr. Blaine drifts towards us, just like many of the world's most distracting skeptics, but that was a totally different story But.