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秘密の庭(チェスタートン ギルバート・キース):直木 三十五(486-511)/511


Anyway Mr. Blain got exhausted and gave a great deal of assistance to the French West Church who likes fighting again.


I also sponsored nationalistic newspapers such as "decapping bed".


So both of us should not have any grudge, but Mr. Van Lantern finally gave up letting me out, I decided to take that life of the millionaire, but I came to take measures like a big detective.


He brought back the execution of Beckel who was executed for reasons or somewhat to contribute to criminal research.


After that, after a meal, I first debated against Mr. Blaine, Sir Galloay did not hear that argument till the end, losing it, inviting the opponent to the inner garden like a sealed room, Talk about, use the army sword and tree branch on the field, and then - "


Ivan jumped suddenly.


"This madman" he bullied.


"Go to the place of Mr. Sare, I will take you even if you catch you."


"Waiting for it, I will try to go there," Brown told himself quietly, "I will not let that person leave me white, so I'm sorry"


They all broke down in poorly brown as a hostage or sacrifice, and stepped into a lately Van Lantern study.


A big detective faced to the desk and it seemed as if he was absorbed in his work without hearing coming all together.


They all stood a bit.


Dr. Simone, a doctor who was looking at such an elegant rearing behind the scene suddenly ran forward.


At first glance, I touched it a while and saw that there was a small box with pills beside the lantern of Van Lantern, people learned that the lantern was getting cold in the chair.

底本:「世界探偵小説全集 第九卷 ブラウン奇譚」平凡社

Bottom Book: "World Detective Novels Complete Works No. 9 Braun Street" Heibonsha


Issued March 10, 1930 (Showa 5)


* Based on the "working guidelines for revising works written in former letters, old pseudonyms, into modern notation", we revised the notation of the base book.


At that time, the following replacement was done.

「貴方→あなた 彼奴→あやつ・かやつ 有難う→ありがとう 或いは→あるいは 如何→いか 何時→いつ 一っぱい→いっぱい 於て→おいて 恐らく→おそらく 仰有る→おっしゃる お早う→おはよう 拘らず→かかわらず 曽て→かつて 可なり→かなり 屹度→きっと 位→ぐらい 斯う→こう 此処→ここ 御座います→ございます 此方→こちら 殊に→ことに 此→この 此奴→こやつ 之れ・之→これ 流石→さすが 然し・然→しかし 而も→しかも 然る→しかる 暫く→しばらく 頗る→すこぶる 凡て→すべて 相→そう 其処→そこ 其・其の→その 傍→そば 其奴→そやつ 其れ→それ 度い→たい 沢山→たくさん 唯→ただ 忽ち→たちまち 多分→たぶん 給→たま 丁度→ちょうど 一寸→ちょっと (て)居→(て)い・(て)お (て)見→(て)み (て)貰→(て)もら 何う→どう 何処→どこ 所が→ところが 迚も→とても 兎に角→とにかく 猶・尚→なお 中々→なかなか 乍ら→ながら 何故→なぜ 成程→なるほど 筈→はず 程→ほど 殆ど→ほとんど 先ず→まず 又・亦→また 迄→まで 侭→まま 間もなく→まもなく 若し→もし 勿論→もちろん 以って・以て→もって 他処→よそ 稍→やや 余程→よほど 俺→わし 僅か→わずか」

"You → you he / she / she / he / she / he / he / he / he / he / he / he / he / he / he / he / he / he / he / he / he / he / he / he / he / he / he / he / how / how / when / how much / when / all the time → all the time → probably → probably → probably saying good morning → → Once allowed → totally 屹 degrees → ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 However · · · · · · also → → more and more → a while for a while → for a while → for a long time → for everything → for all phases → for that place → for that → for that → for that side → for buckwheat → for that one → for that → → A lot of → a lot → only → just suddenly → instantly probably → probably just → Tama just → just one size → ち ょWhat is the location → where the place is → the characteristic is also very characteristic → rabbit Angle → Anyway Grace · Still → Midway → Still N / A → Why → Why → What is it → → almost → almost → almost first → again → first → to the next → → shortly → I will soon → Of course course → Of course · With → → other procedures → elderly → somewhat more → well I → → → slightly → only "


※ The bottom is total ruby, but I omitted some.


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