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見えざる人(チェスタートン ギルバート・キース):直木 三十五(172-212)/401



The car climbed up towards the hill in a spiral shape.


On top of the housework there is also a family line, and the building called the number of layers towers which is particularly high like the towers that they are aiming now gets shiny above the golden sunset as a dust building .


As they bent down the street corner and entered the half moon shaped street, the world changed as if opening the window suddenly.


Because this building is hanging over Litun city, just as it can float on the sea of green lions.


In front of the building, on the side facing the half-moon streets scattered with gravel, there is a stony ground which is called a fertile hedge or a bank rather than a garden.


Slightly separated below it, like an outer moat or something, a canal running like an elongated canal runs.


The car passed in front of a single stall shop of a chestnut selling man going.


And in the street of the hands, Angus saw the appearance of a light patch of the police walking with Nosonoso.


To the mountain of the lonely suburbs, the human figure was only these two figures.


What felt as if these two figures were also characters in the story.


The bean car jumped like a bullet to the building on the right and launched its owner like a bullet.


He immediately caught a high-grade kimono in gold picca's uniform clothing and a shirt's short gates, and there was anything that someone or something came to his room I asked.


Everyone knew that they could not visit, so Angus got a bit of flying with Smith and got on the elevator like a wild fire and arrived at the top layer.


Smith said without breath, "Please come in."


"I want to see a letter from Welkin.


Then you will bend the street corner and bring the detective. "He pushed the button hidden in the wall, the door naturally opened.


The room was characterized by a convenient dressing room with a long depth, there was a semi - human machine doll lined with rows on both sides like a tailor 's doll.


Like a tailor's doll they were without their neck.


And like the dolls of the tailor they also had good ridges around the shoulder and protuberances such as dove chests in the chest.


Thinking about these features, they are the same as the human machine at the stop, like an automatic machine, and they can not be seen as human beings.


They have two big claw-like things like arms to carry a tray.


And it is painted in blue bean color, vermillion and black to get a discrimination.


In other respects, it seems that only automatic machines seem to see, so no one looks back and looks twice.


At present, in this case, there was nothing that at least anyone did.


Because the strange thing lies halfway between the two rows of dolls, it seems that there is nothing interesting to any machine in the world so much.


This inventor like a gale like the blazing piece that was wildly written with red ink, as it was previously | As soon as the door is opened, it is a stripping.


And he got sick and handed it to Angus.


As you can see, the red ink is not dry enough.


In complaints,


"If you went to meet that woman today, I will kill you."


After a brief silence, Aindle Smith gently said this.


"How about a little whiskey I feel I want it"


"Thank you.


I want Flambe, "Angus said to himself.


"This seems like an incompetent case to me.


So I will go soon and bring my teacher. "


The partner said "fine", "Please take me as soon as possible"


However, when Angus closed the entrance door, when Smith pressed one button, one machine doll started moving, holding a piece of tray carrying a siphon and a liquor bottle, I saw running through the groove.


As the door got stuck, it felt like a dreadful thing to leave this little man alone among those servants that changed to living things.


When I got off to the bottom, a man in the shirt of the former shape was holding with a hand.