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見えざる人(チェスタートン ギルバート・キース):直木 三十五(336-379)/401


Brown was at the top, although silent, walked tight.


Finally he began as follows with a toneless condition.


"Well, I guess you will not be bored with the story of me.


We start things from abstract endings, and this problem, etc, also makes it obvious from outside.


"Have you ever noticed something like this, that a person never answers to your questions.


Other people answer to the meaning of the question that we question.


Well when a woman visits another lady in a country villa and asks "Who is staying here?" One woman said "One serving young man and one boy who is a lower boy ......" Whether, for example, a visiting guy is staying behind a chair, even if there is a brute exerciser in the guest room.


- I will never answer.


However, when a doctor came to see a patient with infectious diseases, "Who are you here?"


If asked, the lady is like telling a servant, a small brigade and others outside.


All words are used in that way, so even when you receive a real answer, you receive literal answers to the questions.


It is this gift that the honest people who are now 4 people answered that there was no one who entered into the building, in truth sense, there was no one who entered.


It is a worrying that they did not even have any questionable suspicious persons in their belly.


In fact, one person got into the building and came out, but until they did not care about it. "


"Are you an invisible person?"


Angus asked while raising his red eyebrow.


"People do not look psychologically," said Brown.


And then, for a couple of minutes, Brown speaks in a humble voice, unchanged like a man who is thinking about the way to go.


"Of course ye may be able to think about a good person.


Saa There it is the aim of the criminal.


But I have got some suggestion in the story of Mr. Angus.


Firstly, there is the fact that those who were well-keen walked frequently far.


Next, there is the fact that many postage stamps were affixed to the decorative window.


Next, when this is the first, there are two things that young lady told you.


Although it was not true ... Well you are in trouble, "Brown saw Angus suddenly shook his head, so added in a hurry," The lady himself It seems to come believing that it is true, but that is not the case.


When someone receives a letter in the city, there is no one on the street then, when you try to read the letter that the lady just received, there should not be only one of herself on the street.


There must have been someone close to the lady.


He must be a man who does not look psychologically. "


"Why must someone be near her?"


Angus asked.


"Why, except for the pigeon dover, some people have to bring that letter"


"Does that mean that Wellkin brought a letter of love to a lover?"


Asked by Flambo.


"Let's go.


Wellkin brought a letter of love to the girlfriend.


Was it okay for him to do so? "


"Oh, I can not hold it anymore." Furbo was in a state of refutation, "Who the hell are you?


I wonder what kind of guy it is, what kind of human body is unnoticable psychological person? "


"The boy quietly turns red, blue or gold," the boy immediately answered, "And then, as a prominent clothing, I came through the eyes of eight people and went into the Himairaya pavilion Well,


He killed Smith to cold blood, and with that corpse under his arm, he came down again. "


"Teacher" and Angus became stubborn, "Are you confident?


Or am I better? "


"You do not even feel sick.


Just a little observation.