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青玉の十字架(チェスタートン ギルバート・キース):直木 三十五(565-590)/590


Is it noticed to you?


But I was also convinced that you were not a monk from the other side of my other business. "


"What is that?"


The thief asked, saying that his open mouth would not close.


"You have attacked your reason," said Dr. Brown.


"That's a bad theology."


The three policemen jumped out of the dusky moat when Master Brown took a side to collect his belongings.


He was an artist and a sportsman.


He jumped back and bowed to the ball.


"Friend, I bow to me," Valentine's voice was clear like a silver bell.


"Now, let's say hello to our teacher."


Thus, they stood with their hats for a while.


On the other hand, a small Essex monk clinged eyes for his western umbrella.

底本:「世界探偵小説全集 第九卷 ブラウン奇譚」平凡社

Sanemoto: "World Detective Novel Complete Collection No. 9-Brown Kirai" Heibonsha


Published March 10, 1930 (Showa 5)


※ Based on "Working guidelines for restoring works written with old letters and old kana in modern notation", the basebook was re-written.


At that time, the following replacements were made.

「有難う→ありがとう 或る→ある 如何→いか・いかが・どう 於いて・於て→おいて 於ける→おける 恐らく→おそらく 凡そ→およそ 難い→かたい 且つ→かつ 兼ねる→かねる かも知れ→かもしれ 位→くらい・ぐらい 呉れる→くれる 斯う→こう 此方→こっち 併し→しかし 然り→しかり 直ぐ→すぐ 即ち→すなわち 其→その 丈→だけ 唯→ただ 度→たび 多分→たぶん 給→たま 丁度→ちょうど 一寸→ちょっと (て)居→(て)い・(て)お (て)置→(て)お (て)了→(て)しま (て)見→(て)み (て)貰→(て)もら 疾うに→とうに 何処→どこ 何の→どの 飛んでもない→とんでもない 猶→なお 勿れ→なかれ 何故→なぜ 成程→なるほど 許り→ばかり 筈→はず 程→ほど 殆んど→ほとんど 又→また 迄→まで 侭→まま 間もなく→まもなく 目出度い→めでたい 若し→もし 勿論→もちろん 以て→もって 矢張り→やはり 故→ゆえ」

"Thank you → Thank you → → → If you are there · · · · · · · · → → in place → → probably → → probably difficult → hard → hard and → → double → → may be → → may About ・ About → → く れ る → → こ う こ う 此 → → こ こ こ こ し か し し か し し か し し し → → → す な わ ち す な わ ち す な わ ち そ の そ の そ の そ の そ の そ の だ け → だ け た だ た だ た だ た だ た だ 多分 た び た び た び → た maybe sometime → maybe pay た sometime た just 寸→ A little (T) Living → (T) ・ · (T) 置 (T) → → (T) 了 (T) End → (T) 見 (T) → → て (T) 貰 → (T) ) Moral → 疾 と う と う → 何 → → → ど の ど の ど の ど の な お な お な お 勿 勿 な な な な な な → な ぜ why 成 成 成 な る ほ ど な る ほ ど な る ほ ど 許 ば か り ば か り は ず は ず は ず は ず は ずAs 殆Ndo → Most also → or until → until Mom → leave soon → shortly auspicious → auspicious Wakashi → if of course → course than Te → have to arrow-clad → again late → therefore "


※ The mix of "Hampstedt", "Hampstead", "Hampstead", "Moon" and "Light" in the bottom book was left as it is.


※ The bottom book is gross ruby, but I omitted a part.


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Proofreading: Kyoto University Electronic Text Study Group proofreading group (Okubo Yu)


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