『青空文庫』にある作品を『Google Translate』で英訳してみました。

作男・ゴーの名誉(チェスタートン ギルバート・キース):直木 三十五(29-75)/390


He saw a black human figure standing like a shadow picture on the background of the remnant of a greenish golden sunset.


A man wearing a strange silk cap carries a large bag on his shoulder.


The arrangement was strangely reminiscent of a temple man.


Master Brown remembered that the man under the house was digging a potato, and that was the point when the translation was made.


He thought that this Su Zhao Lan's surname was somehow broken.


I can read the mind that I thought that I had to put on a black cap intentionally from the official inspection.


That's why I learned that the potato digging would not rest for an hour or so.


Having a look astonishingly round and round when a boy walks through is also an endorsement of this type of human being who has a common sense of carelessness.


The front door was opened by Flambo himself.


A thin man with iron gray hair on the side stood with a piece of paper in his hand.


It is Craven's police department of the Liaoning Police Department.


Most of the decoration was peeled off between the entrance and it was garan.


A face like a bluish white fuun wearing a false hair of this house's vile ancestors looked down from inside an old-fashioned stucco-like cloth.


When I went to the back of the two, Brown did find that they were sitting in a long lumber table.


At one end of the table is a piece of paper with a runbook, and on the side is a whiskey bottle and a cigar.


In the other rooms, items are lined up separately in places.


It is only an unexplainable item of what it is.


Some seem like a gathering of sparkly broken glass.


Some look like a pile of brown dust.


Some looked like a choppy stick.


"Huh, it's like opening a geology exhibition," said Brown, sitting down and slightly projecting his head towards brown debris and glass fragments.


"It's not a geology exhibition," replied Frangau.


"I would like to say that it is a psychology exhibition"


"Oh, please don't hesitate to come soon because you are a late life," the police detective laughed.


"Oh, well, I'm about to discover an incident about Glen Gilles.


The wolf was a madman. "


Going over a window hat with a tall hat and a black-haired master of the go carrying a bald outside line going to the end of the night.


Master Brown, who was eager to see it off, eventually answered to Flanau.


"Oh, I think there is something strange about Zen.


If it were not dead, you would not have to try to get rid of it and bury it.


But you, in any way, are mad men? "


"Let's get over," said Lambeau.


"Please ask me to read this item list of the property collected by Mr. Craven in the house now"


"But it won't be a candle," said Craven, saying, "It seems that it has come a long way, and it is too dark to read."


"Sometimes there was something like a candle in your concentration of roses?"


Brown said laughing.


Flambo looked like a deer claw.


Then I put a black eye on this friend.


"That's strange again, there are twenty-five candles, while the candlesticks can not see shadows or shapes."


Suddenly, the room was getting dark, the wind was getting windy.


Brown came to the place where a bunch of candles were rolling in a collection of other rubbish rubbish along with Takuko.


At that moment he found something like a reddish-brown rose mountain and tried to climb on top of it.


The sound of a fierce sound burst into silence as I thought.

「ヤッ! これはこれは嗅煙草じャ!」とブラウンが云った。

"Yaah! This is sniffing!" Brown said.


He took up a candle, lit a fire, returned to his seat, and put it in the mouth of a whiskey bottle.


A crazy nightly wind simmering in the window and fluttering like a goofy swayed a long flame like Yura Yura.


And they heard that in every side of the castle what a black pine forest that spreads unnoticeably like a black sea that surrounds an orphanage.