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作男・ゴーの名誉(チェスタートン ギルバート・キース):直木 三十五(76-106)/390


"Let's read the catalog," said Craven, taking a piece of paper with a face that looks like a deer claw.


"Although the fact is that it is an inventory, all the real things are things gathered in one place in a weird wind around the castle.


I think that it is already a reference to see that there are many traces of the decoration in the castle being stripped off or stripped off, but here only one or two rooms, some people live It looks like a mess-it's certainly not a lower man's go-there is a room that is poor but tidy.


Let's read it-

 第一項 おびたゞしい宝石の山。

Section 1 A pile of lonely gems.


Ninety-nine minutes until the diamond is diamond.


Moreover, everyone is extracted from precious metals and no metal is visible.


Of course, even though there are countless jewels and wearables of this Augilbee family and family members, the jewelry described here is not the only kind of item that is inlaid to a special ornament that is extremely common, Ausilbee The family of those who pull out their jewelry, as if as a copper coin always in the pocket or something inconspicuous?

 第二項 剥出しなる嗅煙草のおびたゞしき山。

Section 2 The mountain where the olfactory cigarettes are exposed


They were not put in cigarettes, but not in sacks, and they were placed in clumps on fireplaces, cupboards, pianos, etc.


Such as if an old woman crawled this in the pocket, some would see it as if it were constantly letting the lid of the container open.

 第三項 屋内のここかしこに不思議なる金属の細片の小さき山。

Section 3 A small pile of metal strips that is mysterious inside a room.


Some are like a mainspring, some are in the form of fine gears.


All of these as if they were removed from the machine-built toy.

 第四項 蝋燭二十五本。

Item 4 Twenty-five candles.


Moreover, they should not be used by inserting them into the mouth of an empty bottle, as they have no candlesticks.


"Now, I would like to ask you, Father and Father, to pay attention to the fact that strange facts are beyond our expectations.


However, we also have an opinion on the central problem of mystery, that is, we immediately noticed that at first glance there was something like a failure in the late life.


Everybody wants to know whether he is alive here, whether he is dead here or not, and whether there is any relationship with the death of a man of such redhead who buried him It is translation that went to.


So, among these assumptions, if the facts were the most sad thing in the world, what if you imagined that it was a very begging, so-called barbaric line, as it were?


In other words, it is assumed that the lower man actually killed the master, it is assumed that the master is actually dead, the master is assumed to be the lower man, or the lower man is the master It is assumed that it was buried in place of 、, and let's try to imagine it anyway.


And what about the results? There is no way to explain why there is no candlestick, no candlestick, or a sensible gentleman who has been born in a family tree regularly sprinkles olfactory tobacco on the piano etc is.


In each case, only the center of the story could be imagined, the question is rather at the edge.


No matter how imaginative it is, it must be impossible to guess the relationship between olfactory cigarettes, diamonds, candles, loose gears and springs in the human mind.


"I think we can understand that relationship," said the boy.


"This Grengil was the king who enthusiastically opposed the Franco-Western Revolution.


He was still an old-fashioned royal system of praise.


Therefore, I tried to reproduce the family life of the Louis dynasty literally in today's society.


He brought olfactory cigarettes because the olfactory cigarettes were the gifts of the eighth century, which he likes.


The candles were the light of the eighth century, so a copper-iron bean machine is a symbol of Louis XVI's lock-and-pave.


Diamonds are the diamond necks of the famous Marie Antoinette (Louis 6th Century Empress) "