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作男・ゴーの名誉(チェスタートン ギルバート・キース):直木 三十五(107-151)/390


The other two turned their eyes and looked into the brown face.


"Oh what a strange paradoxical reasoning," said Flanau.


"But Master and Father do you really believe so?"


"I believe in things that aren't wrong, I strongly believe in it," replied Father Brown.


"But you can only look at the relationship between olfactory cigarettes, diamonds, heartsprings and candles, but I would like to see the relationship as an unlimited one.


The truth of the fact is that I believe I'm sure, but I'm lying in a deep place, "he suddenly burst into words and listened to the roar of the roar, and then continued on.


"The late Grenzier was a thief.


He was living a dark life on the reverse side as a burglar.


He chopped the candle and walked in a small horn and did not need a candlestick.


The olfactory cigarette was used just as the most violent French offenders used pepper.


For, to catch it and throw it on the face of a prisoner or chase.


Finally, the gears of diamond and steel seem strangely one piece.


This will do everything for you, but diamonds and small steel gears are not limited to thieves.


It's two tools that nobody can do without this when cutting glass. "


A storm of pine tree was hit by a storm, and the windowpane behind them was smashed with a lather.


The two men were eagerly looking at Master Brown's face without any direction, though it did not lead to the robbery.


"Diamonds and small gears, Hun"


And the Craven detective repeated in an endless manner.


"But that alone will really be a true explanation?"


"No, I don't think it's a true explanation."


"But you are told that there is no one who overlooks the relationship between the four," said the boy.


Of course, the real line is more mediocre.


Well, Grizzell found a gem in the mansion.


Or I thought I found it.


That's it.


Somebody gave these rose gems to her husband.


It was discovered in a cave in the castle and I tried to deceive my husband.


The small gear is a tool to carve a diamond.


The master tried to dig out with the help of sheep sheds and wild men who live in the mountains.


Smelled tobacco is a very luxury item for Sucho Orchid sheep.


Well, if you push it to the end of the nose, anyone can buy them, and finally the reason why there are no candlesticks is that there is no need for candlesticks, bare candles to illuminate the cave inside Well, there's something that you can use well. "


"Hmm, that's it all," a little while later, Frambo asked.


"Don't you finally reach the end of the unsettled truth?"


"No, not," said Brown.


When the wind went away to the far end of the pine forest, as Cécera laughed, Hoho Ho and he pulled back for a long time, and when Father faded and disappeared, the word continued with the face that made Pokan.


"What, I, you, but anyone who says that plausibly explaining the relationship between olfactory cigarettes and gears, or candles and gems, is a matter of course, so it's a matter of being a bit plausible. .


Just as in the case of the Tenshin-one-kin-like philosophy, the Glenir Castle is similar to the Ten-no-one-kin-like inference.


But the fact is that this castle must have no actual explanation.


Sometimes there is no collection anymore. "


Craven burst out.


Flambo stood up with a smile and walked to the end of the long Takuko.


"I'm looking forward to the 5th, 6th, and 7th paragraphs, but when I dig, I'm more likely to be throwing a beehive," said Flanau.


"First of all, pencils are like mountains."


This is the heart alone and not the sheath.


Then there is a bamboo cane stick, which is stripped off from the head bracket.