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作男・ゴーの名誉(チェスタートン ギルバート・キース):直木 三十五(234-277)/390


Before long he dropped the trick he had in his hand, as if it was not his own.


"Mother-Father, Mister-Father" yells out a frugal-stricken but embarrassing voice of the reserve.


"What should we do on this occasion?"


Then, in response to this, Brown shouted "Sleep," with a suspicious speed like a shout when a bullet goes out.


"When it comes to sleep, I have come to the end of the road.


What does it mean to sleep?


Do you know that every person in the sleeping place is a man who believes in God, so sleeping is a holy service.


Because sleep is the act of faith, it is a source of rice and so on.


Now I need some holy service.


It's also a natural holy rite, but it rarely comes down on humans and comes down on things like things.


Perhaps that is the worst thing that can go down on humans? "


Then, Claven detective's lips were snuggled from the top and the bottom to say, "What does that mean?"


The boy answered while looking down at the castle.


"I found the truth.


But the truth speaks to the meaning.


In this way, he stood in front of the two men and fell down the mountain, as he was so rare that a horse was jumping on a gun.


Then he let his body go to sleep like a dog, with or without arrival at the castle.




Despite strangely putting on a shame and acclaiming sleep, the father and father Brown was the first to get out earlier than anyone except peeking at a man like Go.


And while sucking on a big pipe, I saw his figure watching the black man silently working in the vegetable garden.


By the time the night came to an end, the storm that came from the night was frowned on in the sound of a roaring roar, and a refreshing morning came over like a keroli.


He even looked like he was talking about something with the boy, but when he saw the detectives of the two officers, he pierced the cocoon into the cocoon, as he did on the coffin.


Then, while honing about something about breakfast, I went out to the kitchen along with the cabbage vegetable series.


"That man is the man who looked up," said Brown.


"That man digs so much that he takes a potato.


"But he has a strangely embarrassing heart," that man also has a fault.


No wonder where there is no fault for each other.


That is, that man should dig straight in the field.


Well you guys should look here. "


He went on his way to a sudden point.


"Sometimes I think that potato is suspicious."


"Why is it?" Craven Detective, while entertaining, asked the little boy's new idea.


"The reason that the potato is suspicious is that the first man, Go, thinks that he is suspicious, but Go is sure to dig outside, but only here is a strange digging method There is.


Below, you will find that even a great potato is buried under this. "


Flambo pulled out the ax and suddenly plunged into the spot with Zakri.


He unearthed a weird-shaped strange thing with a round-roofed head, rather than a potato, in the bottom of a mass.


But it slammed cold and hit the cusps of the eyebrows, and as if it were a hand-claw, it rolled out its teeth towards all rolling people.


Brown is sad to say, "Let Mr. Grangedor."


And I looked down at the ax as stunned.


From then on, he used to be silent, but in a long time he took a bribe from the hands of the franbo and pushed his skull deep into the soil, saying, "Let's put on the soil as it was before.


Eventually he had a small body and a large head resting on a large handle of a rose standing like a stick in the ground.


The eyes were empty and the forehead was full of wrinkles.


"Yeah, if even this last strange meaning could be the point of intersection."


He muttered German, burying his forehead in his hands as he was praying in the church, hanging from the wharf.