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サレーダイン公爵の罪業(チェスタートン ギルバート・キース):直木 三十五(32-68)/461


When the long weed spread like a forest over us, we came to feel a little adventurous feeling to see the dancing of a small demon, when two people instinctively came to remember the small age, People were immersed in such feelings.


The persimmon chrysanthemum, which stands nicely against the big moon, actually looked like a huge chrysanthemum, and the dandelion also looked like a huge dandelion.


Somehow it made them remember the pelvic wallpaper of the children's room.


Because the riverbed was wide, the two were so far below the roots of all the shrubs and flowers that they looked like looking back on the grass.


"I'm sorry, I feel as if I came to Senkyo," said Flambo.


Master and father Brown sat straight in the cage and straightened the cross.


His movement was so good that he was just asking him if he could not do it.


"The people who wrote the medieval folk songs," replied the boy.


"I'm better than you about Senjo.


Because Senkyo is not the only thing that is quite good. "


"No, that's not it!" Said Frangau.


"There's only a lot of things happening under such a pale moon.


I am going to make a big leap from now on and see what comes out.


It is because I might die to death before I meet these moons or such feelings again.


"That's right," said Brown.


"I have nothing to say to Senkyo, but I am not sure that it is bad.


It's just a matter of being dangerous.


They went back in a quiet flow quietly.


The ephemeral sunlight and platinum-colored moon gradually faded, and turned the bright color of the sky into a bland, colorless, earthy front.


When the pale red, gold and gray streaks first roamed the horizon from end to end, they saw a large black shadow of a town or village lying above the river.


By the time of the calm twilight that all things can be seen, they were under the bridge and roof of this Kawasore Komura.


The houses had low, crooked long roofs and huge gray and reddish-colored livestock appeared to come to the river to drink water.


Soon after that, with the spread of light and light, when it was a diligent morning, they were able to point at human beings and livestock at the loading point and bridge of the quiet town.


Soon they had a flattering appearance like a sunken moon, and a man in a soft, euphoric shirt-like man who made a red cheek stick fire like a ray in the arc below it. I saw it leaning on a pillar rising above the flow.


In a swaying boat, Flanbo suddenly rose to a height and asked if the man knew "| 蘆 蘆" or "も し く は 's house".


The smile of a happy man spread slightly, and he just pointed to the swell on the river.


Flambo went forward without speaking further.


The bushes turned some grassy swells, and there were too many pasted hissoriated shores.


And when the search for the place is finally going to be monotonous, they will take a particularly deep angle of filth, whether it is a quietly flooded pond or a lake water, or just go out into a place where you can not help but take a look at the scenery The


A narrow flat island with four sides of wicked grass lays in a large water surface, and a long flat flat house with bamboo or a strong tropical wisteria is standing on the top of the island.


The four walls lined with bamboo vertically are pale yellow, and the row of bamboo that forms the slope of the roof has a brownish color, so that the slender house was spared from looking monotonous above all.


The early morning breeze swayed the fronds of the island around the island and touched this mysterious house and squeaked like a huge brow.

「やあー!」とフランボーが叫んだ、「とうとうここが目的地か! あれがいわゆる『|蘆が島』だな。

"Hey!" Cried, "Finally here is the destination! That's the so-called" | Harugajima Island ".


That's what is called "the house of a wolf."


A fat man with a beard must have been hermit. "


"But it's a place like that," said Mrs. Brown, "If he was a hermit, a bad one."


As he spoke, the flimsy Flanbo was carrying the small boat into the Sarasara-dwelling moat, and they stood by the weird, loneliness of a small, remote island.