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サレーダイン公爵の罪業(チェスタートン ギルバート・キース):直木 三十五(69-98)/461





The house was standing with the water on its back, so there was only an upstairs of the ship on this side.


The entrance is on the opposite side, looking down at the yard of a long narrow island, the two visitors went under a low fort, mostly about the small diameter bordering the three sides of the house.


Through the windows opened to the three sides, they looked in the same long and thin light room.


In the same way, a wall with many views was embedded in the wall.


And there were all sorts of sweet items that would be a good place for snacks.


Before long, I went to the front entrance and found two arches of old blue flower pots on both sides.


After a while, he came out with a gloomy type, a salty-headed-headed, serving person, according to the man's crap, according to which he was absent from this time, It was supposed to be back soon today, and in the room he had his return and was ready to welcome another unexpected visitor.


So if you show me the name card sent from the duke of the example and say that you are the address of the address, you can see the floating of life on the parchment-colored gloomy face of the serving staff, tremble your body, but with an indifferent attitude Let me go slowly.


"You're coming back soon," he said, "Sorry, I'm sorry that I could not meet the invited guests in a few places.


Since you have prepared a simple meal with you ※ for the guests and guests as well at any time, it will be said to the masters by all means, so please do not hesitate to call Thank you. "


Flambie was curiosity and courtesy | received this offer with the right attitude.


Then, as guided by the ceremony, he followed the old man to the room where the long, light and bright mirror panel was attached.


There was nothing in the room that made it so eye-catching, but just because there were a few long, low, low windows, it's just like a long, low, low, low-waist lookout. The whole room looked light and dignified.


I felt like I was eating a snack in the garden.


In the corner there were 12 portraits that were dull.


One of them was a large picture of a very young man in military uniform, and the other was a sketched portrait of two hair-dropped boys drawn in red chalk.


The serviceman answered that the serviceman was different to the lovelessness person, while the franbbo asked if the soldier was the duke.


It was an army captain who was the brother of the duke and a person called Stefin Salledain.


But that alone made the old man close his mouth and had a sorrowful face like talking about something.


After a light meal, the behavior of senior sake and liquor liquor is complete, and the two guests are in the garden, the library and then the housekeeper-the woman has a little sense of style, but the owner of a good but beautiful woman and a shame. It was introduced to me that it felt like the Virgin.


Only the woman and the servant were the members of the family brought by the duke from his home country, and the outside servants who were currently at home were those who were newly recruited by this housekeeper in Norfolk.


The housekeeper used to go to England with Mrs. Anthony, but from the place where it was slightly mixed in with the story, Franbo had no doubt with Anthony and I thought that it must be the one that calls the original Ita Tona name in the Norfolk style The


Mr. Poul, who is the name of serving, is also seen to be somewhat mixed with other foreigners.


But as English is so well-developed, as is the case with many noble servants of modern nobles.


It was small and beautiful, but the house was full of atmosphere like the loneliness.


One hour was as long as one day.


While the rooms with long, well-shaped windows were brightly bright, they were full of death-like traps.


Then, with the choy choy, the voice of the vigil, the footsteps of the servants, and the noise of the servants, the two guests can hear the flowing water without flowing into the four sides of the house. done.