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サレーダイン公爵の罪業(チェスタートン ギルバート・キース):直木 三十五(203-243)/461


What does it mean for a duke to make a sudden, strange voice or shine a face?


Whether he is sane or not, he repeated all over the world as a socialist, "To a tremendous person" or "To a tremendous person" more than a natural surprise.


Brown was even more aware of the second truth.


Suddenly looking in the front mirror, I saw a door open and Poul standing with the dull expressionless face of the example.


"In fact, I knew it would be better for you to make an offer as soon as possible," he said with an example like an old family legal adviser.


"The boat has just arrived to the end of the boat, there are six men, and one gentleman is on the way to a ride."


Duke repeated "Eh boat".


Succeeding while saying, "What a gentleman".


Icy silence continued for a while.


You can only hear the strange roar of waterfowl kicking in the dark.


And nobody was silent, but one man who showed a side view to him outside as soon as he went outside the three windows of this room with a sunset, passing like the first duke passed. It was seen.


However, he and this had almost nothing in common except that the outer lines of the nosing of the rose were similar.


It is a black silk cap that I think to be foreign rather than old-fashioned in exchange for the whitish silk cap of the duke.


Under the hat is a youthful, shabby face with a lush, shaved jaw that has been brutally pulled.


It is a feature that evokes Napoleon of a little youth.


Besides, there is a place where the whole body's parody is so strangely old-fashioned, and in that respect it can only be seen by a man without a sense of nervousness, such as trying to change the type of parental transfer.


It is in the form of a fleece coat with a sheepskin color, red shorts worn by soldiers, the early days of the Victorian era, and inconspicuously discolored whites, poor trousers today.


Among these old-fashioned mournings, only the olive face was strangely youthful, nicely serious and stood softly again.


A duke said, "Em."


Then I went to the entrance by myself while holding the white cap of the example with full force and released the door to the garden that was shining in the setting sun.




By this time the arrivals and a group of servants had lined up on the grass like a small soldier on the stage.


The six gauntlets put the boat on the shore, holding the boat like a boat and protecting the boat with a scary face.


All this is dark and some have earrings, but one of them is standing diagonally forward of the young man and dedicating a large type of black box that has never been seen.


The young man said, "Well, it's a saleday."


Of course, it's true that the saredeine treats with the nose.


I answered.


The eyes of the young man are dull, dog-like brown eyes, and roughly opposite to the duke Ghirogiro and the sparkling gray eyes.


However, I thought that it seemed that familiarity with this type of face was familiar to him, but he became angry because he could not remember it.


"I would like to apply if Mr. Saladain is now, but the name of the fellow is Auntneri," said the young man.


"Auntneri" and the duke repeated so much trouble.


"It's a name I heard somewhere," "I know well, and put it on my mind," said Torihito Ita.


And he took the top hat of the ancients with his left hand and suddenly made his cheek with his right hand, so his white hat rolled on the stone steps and one pot plant shook.


But Duke is by no means a prisoner.


Suddenly, he jumped to the neck of the opponent and was about to roll the opponent on the grass a little now.


However, while the enemy was disgusting, he reaped the duke's hand while holding up his body in such a way that only thanks were broken.


"That's fine," he said in a poorly understood English language, alright.


"You have received a bribe.


I will do that now.


Maruko Come on, open that box. "


A box carrying house called Maruko went forward to the young man and opened the box lid.