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サレーダイン公爵の罪業(チェスタートン ギルバート・キース):直木 三十五(328-371)/461


He gave his first and last name as a witness, but apologized that there are those who would suggest a bribe when going to land.


Standing in the flower garden on the island, I glanced over the squeezed oak tree and all the stage surfaces of the tragedy of the inestimable buttocks.


The dusk covered the surface of the river, and stood on the shore where the fog blew.


The niece in the coffin rushes home with three.


Some of Brown's subconscious (which was also very active) was wondering and clinging to something yet unexplained.


This feeling did not leave his consciousness from the morning, but the illusion of "Kagami gajima" alone could not explain it.


What he saw was not a real scene, but he seemed to be like a game or a masked ball.


But, however, there should be no one who is going to be assassinated or put to death for play.




He was sitting alone on the steps of the boat, but he noticed that one long, dark sail from the upstream came down the dimly lit riverside.


And he flew like a spring.


However, the chest has come to my heart just by crying in reaction of excitement.




He screamed, clasped his hands with his friend again and again and again and again.


What surprised me was the franbo who came to the shore with a fishing rod.

「フランボー! アア、やっぱり君は殺されはしなかったのじゃ!」

"Franbo! Aah, you didn't get killed!"


"What will you kill?


How come I will be killed? "


Said the fisherman very repeatedly and repeatedly.


"Why, I'm about to kill all but one now," said the other in a somewhat harsh tone.


"The Duchess of Saledain will be killed, and Auntneri will be killed.


Auntneri's mother faints.


I have not felt alive anymore.


But, thankfully, you were also safe, "he took Flambo's arm with a face that looked like a hook.


After a while, they came to the bottom of the pier and came under the example boat.


And I looked into the room from one window as I arrived in the morning for the first time.


The lamp was turned on and the room was completely set, and they immediately caught their eyes.


It was already ready for dinner at the dining room's table when the enemies of Saledain hit the island and struck like a gust of wind.


So, tonight's dinner is being eaten peacefully like a samurai after a storm, Mrs. Anthony, the housekeeper, is squatting at the foot of the table with a merry appearance.


Poult is eating like a old man and eating delicious sake.


The dreamful eyed eyes only had an amazing color, and it seemed like it was incomprehensible, but it looked like they could not afford to be full.


Seeing that I could not put it on my stomach like that I did not remember, Franco broke open the window while rattling.


Then he put his burned head in a bright room in a bright room and screamed "Ooi".


"That's right, you can't afford to take a rest, because you're deaf.


Isn't it really suspicious to intercept the master's thing when the master is about to be killed in the garden? "


"I was taken over a huge asset during the life of the long to be pleasant," replied the suspicious old man as bad as he was.


"This supper is one of the perfect assets for which the deceased has escaped interception.


Hmmm, only this supper and this house and the garden have apparently returned to the hands of the devil. "With these words, Franbo seemed to think something had happened, and his face shone.


"So what is it that Sir Darjeeling is a will?"


"I'm Duke of Salidain," said the old man with a cheek over her niece.


Master Brown, who had been watching the bird fly until then, jumped without thinking that it was hit by a bullet.


Then I pushed my faint face into the window.


"What, what are you," he shook his voice and returned.


"Poul or Duchess of Salidain, as you wish," said an old man who was not happy with it, bringing a cup of Sheri to his lips in a voracious tone.