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サレーダイン公爵の罪業(チェスタートン ギルバート・キース):直木 三十五(411-461)/461


He sent as much money to Stephen as possible to make a trendy kimono and an easy journey, and wrote in a letter.


"It's all about this.


You've made your brother naked, there's just a small house in Norfolk, and if you're willing to squeeze something out of me, it's hard to go outside this house.


It is better to come and occupy if you want.


I will live quietly here as your friend or manager. "


"He knew that the young Sicilians would have seen the portraits of their brothers, but they still did not know their faces.


I also knew that the brothers were wearing sharp salt and pepper and they were somewhat similar.


So he shaved his eyebrow cleanly and was looking forward to the emergence of Auntneri.


The pitfall succeeded.


My brother, who was dressed in a new costume, came in with a dignified face while riding in a major, but at last he fell into a Sicilian sword with luck.


"But there was only one point in his work.


But it must be honored for the sake of this humanity, and villains such as Saledaine often miss the unintended failure to reach the truth of "humanity and goodness."


He believes that if a Sisilian comes in, he stabbs his opponent with a knife in the middle of the night, or shoots him after a fence, and he must kill either word without sound. The


There was no mention of Poul's way of saying when Auntrelli applied for a formal duel at the fake duke Stephen in honor of the warriors.


At that time I saw him out in the boat.


"But he was hopeless at all, no matter how he came.


He was well aware of the weather of Mt. Stephan's, and he knew well the tips of the ardent girl Auntneri.


Therefore, mountain teacher Stephen, who plays a role in the play, loves the attachment to the treatment of a bad feeling of jealousy or a duke, the good luck of a good luck trial of a fetish heart like a villain, a confidence in swordsmanship I was relieved that I had no idea what the real thing was.


Furthermore, with regard to the enthusiastic girl Auntneri, he also firmly believed that he would be subject to the death penalty without saying the old story of the house.


Therefore, Poul stayed in the middle of the river until the battle ended.


I hurried to the village before I saw it, I took a police officer, saw the two enemies being taken away forever, and ate the meal while sticking with the success. "


"Hun, he wants to laugh like that," said Flanau, dressed as a groom.


"But I wonder if the teacher, my whole great wisdom came from the devil?"


"That's what I borrowed from you."


"Ah, from me"


"That's right, what's in the letter of that letter," Please come to a skill that makes you detective and make a misplaced arrest. "


This was a tribute to a criminal grandfather, Franbo, that teacher might not have applied your hand at all, or open your own body while receiving an enemy on both sides Didn't you make two people collide and make them kill each other? "


A light similar to the sky, which is also white, flows to the night sky, and the moon between grass gradually fades and shines.


The two went down the stream with silence.


Suddenly Flambo called "Ma'der father".


"How do you feel like a dream?"


However, Brown just shuts his head like a prisoner.


Through the dusk the smell of the mountainous ridge and the smell of the orchard approached the noses of the two.


I realized that the weather was coming.


The next moment, the wind shook the small boat and made the sail inflate.


And they carried them down the blazing stream, to the land of happiness, to the villages where the sons of good men live.

底本:「世界探偵小説全集 第九卷 ブラウン奇譚」平凡社

Sanemoto: "World Detective Novel Complete Collection No. 9-Brown Kirai" Heibonsha


Published March 10, 1930 (Showa 5)


※ Based on "Working guidelines for restoring works written with old letters and old kana in modern notation", the basebook was re-written.


At that time, the following replacements were made.

「或→あ・ある・あるい 相不変→あいかわらず 貴方・貴女→あなた 如何→いか 何れ→いずれ 何時→いつ 所謂→いわゆる 於て→おいて 於ける→おける 凡そ→およそ 且つ→かつ 曽て→かつて 斯程→かほど 位→くらい 斯→こ 此所→ここ 此方→こっち 此→この 是れ・是→これ 然・然し→しかし 暫く→しばらく 直ぐ→すぐ 頗る→すこぶる 即ち→すなわち 折角→せっかく 是非→ぜひ 其処→そこ 其→そ 沢山→たくさん 唯→ただ 但し→ただし 為→ため 段々→だんだん 丁度→ちょうど 一寸→ちょっと 附いて→ついて て居→てい・てお て呉→てく て見→てみ 何う→どう 兎角→とかく 何処→どこ 兎に角→とにかく 猶→なお 何故→なぜ 成程→なるほど 筈→はず 程→ほど 殆ど→ほとんど 亦・又→また 迄→まで 儘→まま 間もなく→まもなく 寧ろ→むしろ 若し→もし 若くは→もしくは 勿論→もちろん 尤も→もっとも 最早→もはや 矢っ張り→やっぱり 俺→わし 僅か→わずか」

"A → A · A · A phase change → No matter what you, you → A woman → You how → → Any → Any time → When → So-called → So-called → Keep → → Break → → And → → → → → → 位 → く ら い → → こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ の こ の こ の こ の こ の こ の こ れ こ れ こ れ し か し し か し し か し し か し 暫 暫 暫 し ば ら く し ば ら く し ば ら く し ば ら く → → → す す す す す す → → す な わ ち す な わ ち す な わ ち す な わ ち す な わ ち す な わ ち 折 折 せ ぜ ひ ぜ ひHere → there 其 → so many → so many → many た だ → only → but 為 た め た め た め た め だ だ だ だ ち ょ う ど ち ょ う ど ち ょ う ど 一 一 つ い て つ い て て い て い て い ・ て く て く て く て く て く て く て く て く て み →兎 → か く 何 → → ど こ ど こ と に か く と に か く と に か く な お な お な お な お 何故 な ぜ な ぜ な ぜ な ぜ な る ほ ど な る ほ ど な る ほ ど は ず は ず は ず は ず は ず は ずThroat almost → most Mata also → or until → up as one likes → leave soon → shortly rather → rather Wakashi → If young → or course → course plausible → although longer → longer Yahhari → I thought I → eagle slightly → slightly "


※ The bottom book is making a large number of "mu" (ku number 5-86) used when counting things and place names.


※ In the bottom of the book, "Stefin," "Steifne," "Stefine," or "Sicily," "Sicily," and "Sicilya" were left untouched.


※ The text in parentheses used to explain the words is a note.


※ The bottom book is gross ruby, but I omitted a part.


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Proofreading: Kyoto University Electronic Text Study Group proofreading group (Okubo Yu)


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