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金の十字架の呪い(チェスタートン ギルバート・キース):直木 三十五(176-212)/628


No body, no face, no name, but I call me in my name, this one has no more passion or play than a single comfort chair in a club. I talked to me in the percentage of those that were


But he also said that if he owns a fish-marked cross, he will surely kill even those on high ground.


He told me lightly that he wasn't a fool enough to apologize for me in the maze because he knew I had a gun with a bullet.


But he calmly talked that I would plan my killing with certain success, and that way could prevent any danger, a senior craftsman of China, an embroidery house of Indo, a lifetime art It is to do it in a way that has the technical perfection of the place to be


But he was not an Oriental.


He was certainly white.


I doubt that he was not a person in my country.


"I have since received occasional implication, agreement, and strange inhuman news.


At least I have convinced me that the man is a madman or he is a addict.


In this fantastical way he always keeps me happy that my preparation for death and burial is progressing, and also that I will take care of their persecution with mediocre success. The only way I could do it was to talk that I was going to handle the cross I found in the cave.


He seemed to have no enthusiasm other than the enthusiasm of the collectors of love.


That was one of the things that made me feel that he was a man of the west and not an Oriental.


But this special curiosity seemed to make him crazy.


"There was still some unknown, but a notification came about the twin spiritual treasures found on the mummy corpse in Sussex's pit.


If he had been a madman before, this news changed him to a demon-captained man.


It was very disgusting that one of them was from the earthly people.


His madness began to come quickly and as thick and as a rain of poison.


And every time I went to my crucified crucian carp crosses and cried out more than before that my death would attack me at the last moment.


"'The wolf will never know the wolf,'" he wrote.


"I will never say that my niece is his name.


The wolf will never look at his face, the wolf will die, but he will never know who will kill the wolf.


The rest will probably be around the coffin in some form.


But the rest will be in the place where the wolf forgets to see. "


"From their obsessive-compulsory letters, I seem to be apt for him on this trip as well.


And I try to do something wrong with me to try to steal the spiritual treasure or bring it.


But since I have never seen that human, he may be some of whom I meet.


Speaking in theory, he may be one of the serving staff to take care of me at Takuko.


He may be somebody among the passengers who take Takuko with me. "


"He might be me," said the teacher and father, with a vague vague vengeance.


"He might be some other person," Smeel replied seriously.


"You are the only one who truly feels that I am not an enemy."


Master and father Brown looked at him embarrassed again.


Then she smiled and said, "Well, it's not strange, I am not.


What I have to think is some opportunity to find out if he is really here-before he's annoyed himself. "


"I think there is one chance to find it," said the professor in a conspiracy.


"When I arrive in Southampton, I will immediately drive along the coast.


If you come with me, it would be a great pleasure.