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金の十字架の呪い(チェスタートン ギルバート・キース):直木 三十五(256-293)/628


Leonard Smith's thin, refreshing appearance soon appeared after her glamorous.

「譎漢共!」スメールがつぶやいた、「どうして、彼等が皆ここに居るんだろう! 海象のような頬鬚の生えてるあの小さな見世物師を除いて皆だ」

"Shen Han!" Sumer muttered, "Why are they all here? Everyone except that little showmaker who is growing like a sea elephant."


He heard that his father and father were laughing slowly beside him.


And truly the situation has ceased to be a laughing thing.


Like their silent play tricks, their ears seemed to fall and go around.


Even while the professor was speaking, his words suffered the most strange contradictions.


A round head with a bizarre wolf appeared suddenly from a hole in the ground.


After a period of time they understood that the hole was a very large hole in fact, leading to a ladder that reached the center of the ground and was the entrance to the basement they were trying to visit.


That little man was the first to find the entrance.


And he had already climbed the ladder a dozen steps before putting out his head again to talk to his companions.


He looked like a foolish tomb digging into the clown in Hamlet.


He just said with his deep indignation:


"This is the place to go down," but the voice was against them at mealtime for a week, but they have hardly ever heard him speak so far, He was also conceived to be a British lecturer, but he rather conveyed to his group the taste of speaking with a foreign accent.


"Hey, a professor," Mrs. Diana yelled in good spirits.


"The Byzantine mummy was so scared to see, I just came along with you.


And you must have felt the same way as I did.


Now you have to tell me everything about it. "


"I don't know it all," said earnestly.


"Because I don't even know what I mean at one point.


It seems strange that everyone will meet with you so soon.


But if everyone is visiting there, it must be done in a responsible way, with responsible guidance.


Everybody who is involved in excavation must be notified.


Each must at least write his or her first name on a book. "


Between the wife's concern and the presbyterian's suspicion, there was something like a quarrel in this casket.


But the latter's allegations in the professional rights of the pastor and his local investigation were far superior.


A bearded little man came out of his hole again and again.


And I was convinced to be fooled.


Fortunately, the pastor appeared himself here, he was a gentleman who looked good with gray-haired men.


While speaking philosophically as a philosopher, he did not seem to consider his companions with his hostility, rather than his interest.


"I hope that no one of you is superstitious," he said pleasantly.


"First of all, I have to tell you that there is no bad exorbitant or any cursing on your hard-working mind in this work.


I am just translating the Latin inscription I found on the chapel entrance, which seems to contain three curses.


In other words, the curse for entering a closed room, the second is a double curse for opening a coffin.


And it is the triple and most fearsome curse for touching the gold spiritual treasures found inside it.


The first two were already received by me, "he added with a smile.


"But I care if you would like to see something somewhat and accept their first and second.


According to narratives, curses appear in a rather daunting form over time and on even more occasions.


I do not know which is some comfort for you all, "Mr. Walter then smiled again in a humble and merciful manner.