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金の十字架の呪い(チェスタートン ギルバート・キース):直木 三十五(334-374)/628


One of these was thrown away, throwing a faint light on the great ancients when they came in.


When they all came together, the pastor went on to light the other three, and the form of the giant stalagmites became more visible.


All eyes were poured on the face of the dead, saved for years by some mysterious western method.


The professor was seldom able to hold back the amazing cry.


Because the face was pale like the face of a candle, but now it looked like a sleeping person whose eyes were just closed.


The face had a bony skeleton, even a fanatic type, a poor man's face.


The body was wearing gold robes and a fine fancy dress.


From there the chest was high and at the bottom of the throat a famous golden cross shone above various short gold chains.


The stone casket was supposed to be opened by raising the lid of the head.


Two tall bars supported it high, raised it to the end of the upper stone slab, and then put it in the corner of the fort after the corpse's head.


So I could not see well on my feet and lower body.


But the light of the candle shone all over the face, and in contrast to the color of the sea-fans dead, the golden cross looked like motion and also sparking like fire.


Since the pastor talks about the curse, the great sum of Professor Sumer has been deeply haunted by reflection.


But the intuition of a sensitive woman understood his afflicted immobile meaning more than the people around him.


In the silence of the cave, illuminated by the light of the candle, Mrs. Diana suddenly screamed.


"Don't touch it, though!"


However, the man bowed over his corpse and was already touching with a rapid force like a lion.


The next moment they all slammed, as if the sky had fallen, some rushed before and some after.


When the professor touched the golden cross with a finger, it was turning very faintly to support the lid of the stone, and it seemed that they made it harder to shake as the stick jumped up The


The edges of the stone slabs slipped from the base of the tree, and then their bodies and souls felt like falling into the abyss, as if they were thrown away from the cliff.


Sumer grabbed his hand quickly, but it was too late.


Then he bled with blood from his head and was scolded by the side of the bribe.


And the old stone coffin was closed again as it had been closed for centuries.


The big beast bites the mouth of the stone with a puck, except for the one-piece stick piece that has been squeezed, suggestive of the bones being eaten by the predator.


Mrs. Diana looked at the ruin with a lightning-like eye like madness.


His mother's hair looked crimson against the pale face in the blue dim light.


Smith looked at her with something doglike around his head.


But that was just a look at his master's misfortune that he could only slightly understand.


Taalanto and foreigners were sloppy in their usual cold manner.


The pastor seemed to be weak.


His father, Brown, was kneeling beside the fallen man and was trying to examine the situation.


Paul Tarrant went ahead to help him out of everyone's surprise.


"It is better to carry it out," he said.


"I think there is still some prospects"


"This guy is dead," Brown said in a low voice, "but I think I'm pretty bad, are you a doctor, sometimes it depends?"


"No, but I have to do a lot of things around me," said the other.


"But don't worry about me a little.


My real profession is probably to surprise you. "


"I don't think so," said the father with a faint smile, "I was thinking about it in the middle of the voyage.


You're a detective who takes someone away.


Well, the cross is safe from the thief's hand, anyway. "