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But this incident has all sorts of mysteries.


I do not know why you didn't kill your poor man for that incident. "


Master Brown did not seem to be bothered at all by the manifestation, but was very embarrassed and again annoyed by the observation.


"Aunta" he asked straightly.


"Are you saying that it was me who tried to kill Professor Sumer?"


"No, I don't think so," said the other hand, waving his hand with the attitude of a person who gives up in vain.


"Many of the dead can be decided for you.


It is not limited to Professor Sumer.


Well, don't you know anyone or anyone else has killed a lot more than Sumer?


And I do not know why you did not secretly do him, religious differences, hey ... cruelty of Christians ... I hope you always get back the pastoral district of England I think it was done. "


"I will return to the inn," said the boy quietly.


"You are told that those who are there will know what you mean.


So maybe that people can say that. "


In fact, his secret embarrassment has shown a momentary clutter in the reporting of new calamities.


At the moment when the rest of the party gathered in the small guest room, he told him that something in their white face was moved by something more recent than the incident about the tomb.


Even when he got in, Leonardo Smith said,


"Where does this end?"


"Don't say it will never end," Mrs. Diana repeated while gazing at the space with a glassy eye.


"That will never end until we all end.


The curse that goes on will apply to us, as the pastor said, maybe it's almost time, but it will take us all as it did to that person. "


"What happened to the whole thing?"


Mrs. Brown asked.


A silence arose.


Then Tearrant screamed like a cave.


"The pastor, Mr. Walter, committed suicide.


I think the upset has disturbed the person.


It seems that there is no doubt about it.


Each one has just found his black hat and clothing on a rock sticking out of the beach.


He seems to have jumped into the sea, though.


I thought he looked as if it had hit him who lacked wisdom.


Maybe he should take care of him, but he did not take care of it. "


"I couldn't do anything for you," said the wife.


"Don't you know that things are doomed to horrific orders?


The professor touched the cross, and he went first.


The pastor opened the tomb, and he went second.


We just got into the synagogue.


And we-


"That's been a shame," said custodian Brown, with a sharp voice rarely used.


"You must stop this"


He still had a heavy frowning face, but his eyes were no longer confused.


However, there was the light of the most understandable understanding.


"What a fool I am!" He muttered.


"I had to figure it out.


The curse talk should have been spoken to me. "


"Are you told that something is really killed by something that happened in the thirteenth century?"


Master and father Brown shook his head and answered with a quiet word line.


"I have never argued that each person can be killed by something that happened in the 13th century, but I have never been in the 13th century In other words, it's true that something isn't killed by anything that didn't happen at all. "