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二銭銅貨:江戸川 乱歩(63-91)/473


However, on the day of the final day, as I mentioned before, I discovered the same buttocks in front of one inn near Iidabashi, incidentally, in fact, put a search in that inn I saw it, but it was the beginning of the arrest of the perpetrator.


So, after all the hardship, for example, the owner of the cigarette who was staying at the inn, was totally different from what he heard from the factory manager, or something, it was a great deal of hardship. However, after all, from the bottom of the brazier of the man's room, it was discovered that it was a morning dress other clothes used for a crime, another eyeglass or a persimmon, and it is a so-called gentleman 坊I was able to arrest


Then, according to the place where the bluff was interrogated and confessed, on the day of the crime-of course, that day I visited to know the salary days of the workers-while the manager was away, to the next calculation room If you take the example money by putting it in, you take out the lane coat and the hunting where you were just putting it in the eclectic, and instead, into the bag, a part of the stolen banknote Put on, took off my glasses, took a whistle, wrapped morning view with a lane coat, crowned a hunting instead of a middle fold, and escaped with an uneaten face from the other exit from when I came It was


A gentleman's filth answered a grinning grin to a torture about how he could bring out the amount of 50,000 yen with such a small amount of money, and no one else was suspicious. To that,


"We have a bag inside the body.


Check out the seized morning for evidence.


A quick glance at a normal morning, but in fact like the magician's clothes, there is a long hidden hidden bag attached.


There is no reason to hide about 50,000 yen of money.


Isn't it possible to hide Chinese magicians into the body of even a large, water-filled bowl?


Well, if this bluff incident is overdone, there is no other interest, but there is a strange point in the boat that is different from one ordinary dumb.


And that is the main reason for my story to be related.


For, this gentleman's confessedly did not confess anything about the 50,000 yen stole she stole.


Even if he was accused of replacing his hand at the police, the public prosecutor's court, the court's court, and these three junctions, he passed only with a point that he did not know.


And, in the end, in just a week, he even came out with an eye that had been exhausted.


As a bruise, by the power of the detective, there was no way but to find out where the money was.


And he seemed to have searched for a long time, but could not find it.


Therefore, the gentleman's confessor was subjected to a heavy imprisonment as a thief by the cost of concealing 50,000 yen.


It is the victim's factory that was in trouble.


As a factory, I wanted 50,000 yen to be found out than the criminal.


Of course, the police didn't stop searching for the money, but I felt like it was stupid.


Therefore, the manager responsible for the plant announced that if he found the money, he would pay a prize of 10% of the amount found.


In other words, it is a five thousand yen prize.


The story I'm going to talk about with Takemura Matsumura and myself is a story that arose a bit when this affair was developing like this.

During ~


As I mentioned at the beginning of this story, Takemura Matsumura and I are no longer able to move in this way on the second floor of the second floor in the end of the hall, and they are crawling on the bottom of poverty It is


But of all misery, I was still lucky that the weather was spring.


This is one of the secrets of the poor, but from the end of the winter to the beginning of the summer, the poor can earn much.


No, I feel lost.


For example, when it is necessary to stretch when it is cold, it can be carried to the pawnshop's store, such as nightwear and braziers, if it is a haori, underwear, or if it is awful.