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一枚の切符:江戸川 乱歩(213-238)/328


Not only that, I showed the ticket to one of the police officers at the time.


I can still find the person of the place where I was in the middle of being disturbed because I did not give a retrospective to my deep-sea among the few people who visited.


The second point is that the so-called footsteps of the perpetrators originated from the back door of the doctor's house and came to the track, but there was no trace of returning from the track to the doctor's house again.


How Mr. Kuroda interpreted this point--because a journalist without heartfelt reports anything on this serious point--I'm not sure about it, but maybe the criminal goes to the track of the victims After putting it, it might have been judged that it was decided to go home after a hardship along the track for some reason.


-In fact, there was no place where you could get back to the doctor's house without leaving a footstep if you walked a little, and-the shoes themselves that matched the footsteps were found from within the doctor's house Even if there were no signs of coming back, it might have been considered that there was sufficient evidence that it had returned.


It's a reasonable idea, but isn't there any unnatural point here?


The third point is that this is a sort of thing that deviates from the attention of most people, and in fact a person who witnesses it does not keep an eye on it, but it is the footprint of one dog In particular, in parallel with the so-called footprint of the criminal.


The reason why I paid attention to this is that if there is a drowning person, if the dog that was in the vicinity sees that the rooster or footprints are disappearing in the back door of the doctor's house, it is probably a dying person's It was because I thought that it was strange that the dog in the place of his beloved dog did not come out to the side of this crowd.


Above I have listed all my so-called evidence.


Most keen readers would have guessed where I am going to talk.


To those people it may be serpent, but I have to make a statement to the horns.


When I returned home that day, I had no opinion yet.


The three points mentioned to the right are not too much thought.


In order to draw the attention of the reader here, it was up to the state and clearly described, and I did not think about this on the day of the day, but the following day, the next day, and the morning of the morning newspaper As a result of knowing that the doctor whom I respect was abducted and reading the detective pains of detective Kuroda, I, from the common sense judgment described at the beginning of this statement, Kuroda I believe that there must be something wrong with his detective, and I think about the various points I witnessed on the day, and for the remaining questions, I visited the doctoral residence today, and people of various answering houses As a result of interviewing, it was finally possible to grasp the facts of the case.


Therefore, I will follow the order on the left and write my mysteries.


As mentioned earlier, the starting point is the PL trading ticket.


The day before the incident, probably the night before, maybe this ticket, which was dropped from the window of the express train, was the underlayment of a heavy stone block with a number of sixty-six holes.


That was the first point of focus.


This is not the case that some people judge that the stone block has been brought to a place here after the train of the place where the PL company's ticket was dropped the night before it passed.


It is clear from the location of the boat that it did not fall from the railway track or from the top of an open freight car loaded with stone blocks.


--- So, where did you bring this stone from, or it's so heavy it's not far away.


The fact that it is one of the many blocks of stone placed behind the doctor's house to build sewage is also evident from its luscious shame.


In other words, there was one that carried the stone from the doctor's house to the place where he had died from the night before the discovery of his death from morning glory.


If it does, it is a wolf that the footprint remains.


The rain was small on the eve, and I stopped at about midnight, so there wasn't a flood of footprints.


However, the footsteps, as the wise Mr. Kuroda investigated, have only one "footprint of the criminal" outside of those who were present at the site that morning.