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一枚の切符:江戸川 乱歩(239-272)/328


In the boat, the one who carried the stone must be the "criminal" himself.


Having reached this unusual conclusion, I struggled with how "criminals" should be able to carry the stones.


And he found that he had been scolded by some clever tricks here, and he was surprised.


Footprints that hug humans and footprints that huddled stones must be similar enough to blind a skilled detective.


I noticed this amazing trick.


In other words, someone who wants to sue the doctor for murder is wearing the doctor's shoes, holding a stone block instead of the wife's body, and putting on the track to the track, in addition to thinking so I can not lower it.


So, if the creator of this evil trick left the footsteps of the example, then his starved man, Dr. Madam, would have run out of a footprint for how he went to the track.


As a matter of course and the only consequence of the above reasoning, I must regretfully confirm that Mrs. Madam was a formidable devil cursing her husband.


I'm a genius of crime, I'm crazy, I'm crazy, I'm a lung tuberculosis-a husband who has a tendency to clarify the patient's brain-even a morbidly ill who has an incurable disease. I imagined a dark woman.


Everything is dark.


Everything is insidious.


In the dark and dark, I see an illusion of a pale woman who shines, a fantasy of tens of days and hundreds of days, the realization of that illusion, and I am surprised by it.


That's a second question now, what about the fact that the footprints have not returned to the doctoral residence.


This is simply a trace of shoes worn by a dying person, so it may seem natural not to return.


But I think I need to think a little deeper.


That's why Mrs. Dr., the owner of such a criminal genius, forgot to return his footprint from the track to the doctor's house.


And if the ticket of the PL Chamber of Commerce was not accidentally dropped from the window of the train, it would have left an ugly trace of where it would have been the only hand.


The answer to this question, and the key to solving it, was the dog's footprint, which was raised as the third question.


I could not but compel a smile, combining his dog's footsteps with this lady's only bait.


Perhaps the lady had a doctor's shoes and was supposed to return to the track.


And it must have been a pile of going to the track, choosing a path that does not have another footprint.


But, to be funny, there was one obstacle in the cage.


For example, John, who is a Mrs.'s dog--this name John is what I got from Mr. X, a servant of the same family today.


--- I found the strange behavior of the wife, came to that side, and thrived.


The wife was afraid that the family would wake up to the dog's call and find herself.


I can not go to the reason I'm giggles.


It is difficult for the dogs in the neighborhood to call John's call, even if the family members do not wake up.


So, they made use of this difficult situation and came up with a good way to get John to leave and at the same time carry out his own plan.


According to the place I searched today, a dog named John was being taught to do business for something short of size.


Many were accustomed to sending something to the residence from the middle of traveling with the master.


And, in such a case, it was a custom for John to always bring the brought-back goods to the back room.


One thing that I found in my visit to the doctoral residence is that there is no passage outside through the wooden door of the fence that surrounds the inner garden to reach the back side of the back seat from the back entrance. For example, it is a spring loaded like a door in a Western-style room, and it was made to be stretched inside.


The lady made good use of these two points.


In this case, a person who knows a dog does not go away with a slogan with a sloppy mouth, but says something about it-for example, throwing a piece of wood far and picking it up Let's make it happen-time will always be that it follows.