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一枚の切符:江戸川 乱歩(273-328)/328


Using this animal psychology, Mrs. John gave his shoes to John and left the field.


And at least that the shoes were to be placed by the side of the back of the back yard-and probably because the shutter on the side was probably closed at that time, John would not have gone to the usual customs- From the inside, I was pushed by the open door, but I hoped the dog would not come to the place again.


The above is only what I imagined, considering the fact that the shoes were not returned, the footprints of dogs, other circumstances, and the criminal genius of Drs.


There is a fear that there may be criticism that this has been overdone.


On the contrary, it was actually the lameness of the wife that the footprints were not back, and it is better to think that the dog footprints are, from the beginning, talk about what the husband had planned for the management of the shoes. It may be.


However, there is no move to "my wife's crime" which I intend to insist, no matter which.


Well, here is one question.


That is why one dog could carry one pair of shoes, ie two shoes at a time.


The answer to this is, of the two evidences mentioned above, the "Dr. shoelace of the place kept in Sakai as proof" which has not been explained yet.


I remember from the memory of the same servant, Mr. X, that the shoes and shoes were tied with shoelaces, as the lower foot of the theater would take, when the shoes were seized. It came out.


Mr. Kuroda has been paying attention to this point.


It may have been a pleasure to find the object, or it may have been withdrawn.


Even if it wasn't done for a while, it might not have been relieved with the speculation that the criminal tied this string together for some reason and put it under the edge.


If not, that conclusion of Mr. Kuroda would not have come out.


Thus, the woman of a horrible curse, who is ready for the poison, lays on the track, is slain from the climax of honor to the valley bottom, to the illusion of her husband, who will embark on prison. I waited to catch the rush of the express car while floating a huge smile.


As for the container of medicine, I have no place to know.


However, if a enthusiastic reader has carefully searched for the nearness of his track, he will probably discover anything in the mud of the paddy field.


I did not mention a single word about the book found in his wife's flashlight, but this is a false testimony that, like the rest of the shoe, is left to the mercy of the wife, of course.


I'm not just looking at the bookkeeping, but I'm just guessing, but if I'm going to study a professional pen-eminent appraiser, it's sure that the lady is an imitation of my own writing, and where It will turn out that the phrase written in was really honest.


其 Avoid the bother of disproving and explaining each other's thin points.


That is because you will be able to realize yourselves from the above statement.


Finally, the reason for her husband's suicide is as simple as you can imagine.


According to what I could tell from Dr. X's servant, as noted in his book, Mrs. was actually a serious lung disease patient.


Could this not tell the cause of her husband's suicide?


In other words, even if he was jealous, he tried to achieve the dual purpose of suicide of love and revenge of love by a single death.


This is the end of my statement.


I'm sorry, now, the pre-judicial person-I pray for him to summon me as soon as possible.


On the same table of the same restaurant as the previous day, left and right fields and Matsumura were facing each other.


"You have become a very popular actor."


Matsumura told me to reward her friends.


"Just rejoice that you could contribute to the academia.


If, in the future, Dr. Tomita published a writing that would surprise the world's academic world, I asked the doctor to add a gold letter called Goro Left and Right to the place of the signature. Isn't it too late? "


In this way, the left and right fields extended their fingers into the long hair of Moja Moja, like a comb.


"But I didn't think you would be such a good detective."


"Please correct the word" detective "with the fancier and give it a pity.


In fact, I don't know how much my fantasies are.


For example, if the alleged person was not a university student to be worshiped by me, Dr. Tomita might have even imagined that he was a sinner who killed his wife.


And I may have denied from one end what I offered as the most powerful proof.


You know this, the evidence I've arranged in good faith is, as I think about it, it's just so vague that you can imagine other things that aren't so ugly. .


The only thing that has certainty is the ticket of the example PL company, but that is all right, for example, if you pick it up from the side of the stone instead of picking it up from the bottom of the stone block "


The left and right fields looked at the face of the other party who seemed to be unable to pay well, and they were glaringly meaningful.

底本:「江戸川乱歩全集 第1巻 屋根裏の散歩者」光文社文庫、光文社

Somoto: "Edogawa Ranpo Complete Works Vol. 1 A Walk in the Attic" Koubunsha Bunko, Koubunsha


July 20, 2004 First edition 1 print issued


August 15, 2012 7 edition issuance

底本の親本:「江戸川乱歩全集 第二巻」平凡社

The main book of the bottom book: "Edogawa Ranpo Complete Works Volume 2" Heibonsha


October 1931 (Showa 6)


First appearance: "New Youth" Hakubunkan


July 1923 (Taisho 12)


※ "Praise" and "Amami" are mixed in Sohondori.


※ We have omitted the word notes by the editor at the end of the book.


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