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恐ろしき錯誤:江戸川 乱歩(56-91)/627


The fact that the two were in love competitions in the past made this antipathy even worse.


From that time on, Mr. Kitagawa at first glance saw Mr. Nomoto's figure, but even if he was stretched, he felt the unpleasantness he could not say without hesitation.


The next problem arose.


And the relationship between the two men who were at last in danger was at last exploded, while it seemed to be broken or broken.


He believed that there was no way out of them to die until either one died.


Mr. Kitagawa was trying to put up the true purpose of today's visit as much as possible.


However, Mr. Nomoto, who was sensitive to this, had already detected her husband, and with an eye that could not stand fear, he stole and looked at Mr. Chirarilly Lari and Mr. Kitagawa.


From the first moment on, there was a stagnant dark cloud between the two people who sat on top of the new skin group, with the glass of cold beer being carried first.


"I know well why you are not going to touch that case.


You are afraid to touch that incident so much that you can not say one word of regret to you who has been hurt for the first time since then. "


While continuing the unfamiliar talk for a while, Mr. Kitagawa cut off the cover of the start of the battle because he could not stand it any longer.


Mr. Nomoto looked away with a glance.


At that time, Mr. Kitagawa firmly believed that his face was pale and that the green leaves of the garden were not just so visible because he had turned his face.




"My first voice shoned his heart brilliantly."


Mr. Kitagawa continued his sweet reminiscence while walking along the edge of the field where there is nowhere as usual, with tech-tech.


Just like the ruminant animals, once put in the stomach, exhaled and bitten again, and repeat the fun, Mr. Kitagawa started the design of the meeting with Mr. Nomoto today From the end to the end, I went to Yukuriyukkri, paying attention to the thin points of the complaint.


The attraction of even more pleasant reminiscence than the fact itself could not be taken without letting Mr. Kitagawa go crazy.


―― "I have noticed that it is very recent.


At that moment, my heart was full with sorrow that I could not cry.


It's a shameful thing, but to be honest, I was in love with Myoko.


If I was indebted, while I was there, I was able to concentrate on my work as much as you and my friends were surprised.


No matter how I was absorbed in my work, my wife had that cute smile on her face and the peace of mind that I was sitting properly behind me was making me feel like that.


I did not forget it was her first seven morning.


When I looked at the newspaper, I found a translation of Ikuta Shunzuki in the corner of the literary column.


- that or not known to one day, there in each without Koishiki wife - and read the haiku that, this man from the children of the hour and minute, tears had Ryo' forgotten much, strange enough endlessly without any, To by ones and twos It is spilled.


After my wife died I knew how much I loved her.


...... You don't want to hear such sayings.


I'm not saying anything, especially before you.


At the same time, I do not know how much the death of my wife made me sad, how much it ended up making my life messy, because I often scolded you I'm telling you. "


Mr. Kitagawa talked about how wonderful it was.


At the same time, who could have imagined that this seemingly feminine wording would actually be the first step towards a dreadful revenge in the world.


"As the days went on, there were only a few, but with sorrow faded.


No, sorrow itself would not have changed, but I was able to afford a little bit of it to my heart, who was crying in vain.


Then, until now, some doubts that I was so sad, I forgot to forget, began to furiously lift my head.


...... As you also know, that mysterious death of Taeko was a mystery that I could not solve by all means. "