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恐ろしき錯誤:江戸川 乱歩(92-118)/627


Mr. Kitagawa had doubts about his death from the beginning.


Even if a child is saved, it is a mystery that it is difficult for him to understand why he was burned because of the fire.


It was an event of three months before spring.


At that time, Mr. Kitagawa lived in a two-storey small-scale rented house, but one day the same building in the middle of the night, a single wall next door misfired, and his house was completely burned down .


There were only five houses, but the speed of the fire spread was strangely fast, probably because of the wind.


Taking out important things, not hurting a child, and in such a case, because of a kind of strange, chasing feeling, sedated feeling that can not be experienced, it is almost an instant There is also a feeling that it feels like that, but the speed with which a living creature called "Fire", which is also a big serpent's tongue with no one's side, gives up the human dwelling house is truly I was surprised.


Mr. Kitagawa firstly carried an infant-to a friend's house a little further away, with an infant who had passed her birth and was not new.


The crying child entrusted to his friend, the friend, and he helped back him, and he took it back to the fire to bring out the tall items he could do.


Mr. Kitagawa, who was insanely dressed in a night robe, ran back to life in a primitive age, where humans had not yet heard of words, wandering around insanely ill-meaning stranger and running out of breath .


Then, when I reciprocated between two towns with my friend's house twice, the fire became stronger, and it was not for me to take out the goods, but for the danger I was almost committed to life. First of all, my throat and horns got wet with my friend's house, and I felt the pain in my throat, so I made my thirsty throat wet and moistened with cups and cups.


However, when I notice it, I can not see the figure of Taeko.


Certainly I saw her running once, and she naturally knew that Mr. Kitagawa had evacuated to this friend's house, but she did not show her appearance.


However, I never imagined that I would like to dive into the blazing fire, so for a while, I was waiting for her upset figure to appear at the door of my friend.


It is a long time ago with friends and couples, Mr. Kitagawa, and a child at the front door of a friend's house where various items are thrown out in a jumbledly manner. The maid was silently silently looking at her face.


From the outside, I heard that there was a fire in the fire.


The noise of "Oi" or "Wa" or "Wa-w-w-w-w ...", the roaring roar that passes through the streets, seems to be sleepy of people who stole in the nearby eaves In the end of the uttered voice, it sounds like the music that Kitagawa himself has nothing to do with it.


Even here and there, the sound of the half bell with that strange and dramatic tone was being squeezed like an irresistible, yet somewhat pleasant feeling, not to make the human heart pounding.


In exchange for that, the quietness of their group in the house was so strange.


How long it took, and for so long, they calmed down with the scene without even moving.


The infant who was crying like a fire at one time was already shut down completely.


After a while, my friend Susumu said, in a relaxed manner, as if it were a trivial talk.


"What did your wife do, hey, you"


"Yes, it's funny though it's been a long time."


A friend answered Mr. Kitagawa's face while thinking carefully.


That is why they went out to find Taeko when the fire that was intensely crappy had already gone down.


However, I did not see the figure of Taeko if I searched or searched.


I asked for the house of the acquaintance one by one, and I thought that there was no more effort than this, at the time of the late night light.