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恐ろしき錯誤:江戸川 乱歩(201-239)/627


Mr. Kitagawa went and looked into the other party's eyes.


He stared at Mr. Nomoto with a serpent-like eye that was aiming at prey from within the dark cave, conscious of how it scared his opponent.


"That guy went to the side of Taeko, but with a fugitive longing to the right, he ran away to where he came from, and then he did, and Taeko was very surprised. With a fully open eye, I looked forward to seeking salvation.


However, it was said that in an instant, while I was thinking, I ended up jumping into a house that had become one of the fires.


...... The man said that he did not see what happened after that, because he didn't think that the mysterious woman had been burned and died, so he didn't notice the situation after that.


And when I heard that it was a fine-tuned friend of Koshino who was dug out of the burn the next day, the man said that soon, then that time, he said regret that he had made a pity It is a phase.


Hearing this story, I thought that after all, Myoko was not crazy.


Certainly there was something serious and I thought I had to dive into the fire.


"Even if you go to the side of Taeko, who is the man who has not been there right away?" I said, Koshino dropped his voice, with a serious eye, "I thought about it" There is a chance to hit. "


...... At that time, while carrying my luggage on my shoulder and running, I suddenly rubbed against a man.


However, looking back at a glance, the man is already in the middle of a large number of horses, and it is the phase that he could not see.


Koshino fell in love with the man's name, but you think it was who.


I, too, are both very close and old friends with Koshino, but ... why did the man go down to his friends Koshino, not greet him, and darken his mark like running away?


Even though my house was burnt, I would probably have finished without visiting.


What on earth do you think about this? "


The story of Mr. Kitagawa was going to touch the center gradually.


Mr. Nomoto continued to stare at the mouth of the mouth moving with Kitagawa's eloquence, with a kind of strange expression, without ever having a word.


His face, even though he had been drinking a formal beer by hand, was astonishingly miserable when viewed from the beginning.


Mr. Kitagawa, who has won, eloquently talked so hard in a tone that he is speaking like a speech.


He was extremely nervous and felt sloppy on his cheeks.


I felt that my underarm got wet with cold sweat.


"But, I just had no idea when I just heard the facts like the mystery of that length.


It was certain that we had come close enough to the essence of the fact.


At the same time, the essence itself is still in the direction of the arrows, and I did not understand anything at all.


It was frustrating that you could approach an infinitesimal distance but never touch the body.


It was rather scary than frustrating.


When I thought this was a "brain blind spot", I was afraid to shudder.


Then I went on two days and three days.


However, the blind spot was broken suddenly because it was attached.


And as I woke up from my dream, everything was completely understood.


I was so angry that he was the man whom Koshino taught me, and he was a man who hated him, even if he hated him.


I immediately flew to the house, and I thought I would grab it and kill him.


...... No, I was a little too excited.


I was going to talk more slowly and slowly.


...... At that time, I was watching a child who was embraced by a new nanny who came back from Taeko's village.


The child did not get used to her nanny, but wanted a "Mom, Mama" and a dead mother with a tongue that didn't fall.


The children were also messy.


However, the mother who died after leaving such a cute child was the one who was killed and the one who was killed.


When I thought so, I felt that the voice of the mother who was calling a boy and a child came to hear from that world.