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恐ろしき錯誤:江戸川 乱歩(286-322)/627


Of course Mr. Kitagawa became close to Mr. Nomoto because, of course, the school was the same, but rather than that, adolescents who were thirsting for a woman were members of the group who gathered in kind As a matter of fact, the fact that they were close to each other was making a more serious motive.


Among the group, there were a couple of the same young men outside Kitagawa and Nomoto.


Mr. Koshino who received the shelter of the Kitagawa family at the time of the fire was one of them.


That was before that seventy-eight years ago, the youths of that time were already spoofing a petty bourgeois with some dignity, but they were always associated with the rock.


Then, the happy woman who became the center of the group was, that is, Mr. Taiko Kitagawa later.


Taeko was a daughter of an old family with a mountaineer.


How many | Komachi was so good, and education had just left a sober art school, but as a woman, she was also rich in persuasive comprehension, long ago | Perhaps it was a good girl, because there were places that did not suit the girl in this section.


At that time, Mr. Kitagawa was visiting a school by visiting Taeko's house from a place where he had a distant relative.


Nature, young men of Ms. Yoshiko have gathered in Mr. Kitagawa's study.


Mr. Kitagawa has been a little strange person since that time, and although he was unrivaled in terms of learning, he was not particularly good at dating.


In spite of that, it is the reason that the visitor had not been exhausted in his study, but if he visits him, he will take out cigars and carry tea, even if he does not go to chat together. It was a trap of friends' enemiesism that they would have the opportunity to worship Myoko's face.


Among them, it was the group of Mr. Nomoto, Mr. Koshino, and others of Mr. Nomoto, who I mentioned most, who went into and out of his room most seriously.


Their struggle was extraordinary and fierce.


But that was a struggle.


In particular, Mr. Nomoto was the most enthusiastic and possessed by a well-groomed man, and the results of the school first belonged to the department of excellent talents, and moreover, Mr. Nomoto who was a well-behaved dating house has confidence that I am It is quite natural to have had ....


Not only did he believe so, but unfortunately the competitors did not go against denying his superiority.


The center of chattering in Mr. Kitagawa's study was always taken over by Mr. Nomoto, as if it were extreme.


Sometimes when Taeko was in the seat, the seat turned white when Mr. Nomoto was not there.


If Mr. Nomoto was present, she opened her mouth cheerfully.


She laughed loudly only when Mr. Nomoto was present.


In that way, he approached Taeko without much trouble.


Everyone thought Mr. Nomoto was the winner.


Mr. Nomoto himself believed so by the various tacit understandings of various opportunities.


I believed that only a proposal was left behind.


When their relationship is exactly like that, a summer vacation has come.


Mr. Nomoto arrived home on his way home with the victory of the winner.


The reassurance that it was completely my own made me think that it was fun instead of the farewell with Taeko.


Nomoto left Tokyo, expecting that between the two people would be closer together by exchanging letters from afar.


However, during the return of Mr. Nomoto, the situation was reversed.


Ms. Taeko, who believed that Mr. Nomoto was so much his own, but did not give a word to him, married his wife, Mr. Kitagawa, who had squeezed a high with all the men. It was finished.


In inverse proportion to Kitagawa's delight, Mr. Nomoto's anger was intense.


It was more surprising than rage.


It was a surprise to those who were betrayed by what they believed.


In front of his behavior, he had no face to meet his friend.


At the same time, there was no hope for protest, as this did not mean that they were exchanging explicit promises.


Even to blame for the penalty, he had not yet made a promise to make a difference.


The innocence that there is no way to escape was completely changed the character of Mr. Nomoto.