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二癈人:江戸川 乱歩(49-82)/282


However, it was about a year since I left for Tokyo.


I suddenly became aware of something horrible. "


Speaking to here, Mr. Ihara shuddered somehow for some reason.


Mr. Saito plunged into a brazier and started to listen carefully to the cigarettes of smokers.


"It was about one morning.


When I was preparing to go to school, a friend from the same boarding house entered my room.


And while waiting for me to change clothes, don't you say that it would be cold like "That was a great temptation last night".


At the same time, I have no idea what that means.


"Well, I said that I threw up my mind last night." When I asked my face, my friend laughed with anger at Yanaba "You will not wash your face this morning yet It's funny and so on.


I listened to it often, and I went into the room where my friend was sleeping, went up to the room where my friend was sleeping, kicked up my friend and started discussing in Yaniwa, whatever it was. , A phase that contrasts anything about Plateau and Aristotle's femininity or something, but when I finish myself for a long time, I end up pulling up with Sassa, without hearing anything from my friends. It is said that


It's a story that I've been obsessed with.


"You've seen a dream, too.


When I entered the floor early last night and I've been in bed for now, I have no reason for such a thing, saying, "For the proof that the place isn't a dream, since I came back, I But I was reading for a long time without being able to go to bed, and above all else, I saw this postcard at that time.


There is no one who writes a postcard with a dream. "


After all, I went to school on that day, and while I was waiting for the lecturer to come, I thought that my friend was thinking deeply, "You are I wonder if there is a habit of going to bed or not. "


When I heard it, I was surprised at how I was hit by something horrible.


...... I had such a habit.


I am the phase that I often talk about sleep from a small time, but when someone teasing it, I am the one who was sleeping and asked clearly.


In the morning, I don't remember it at all.


It's unusual, so it has become a reputation of the neighborhood.


However, it was corrected in the elementary school age events as I grew up, but I was able to recover from it, but now when asked by a friend, it seems that there is a connection between this childhood illness and the events of last night. It is


So, when I talk about that, 'Now it's back.


In other words, it's a kind of dreaming sickness. "A friend says something like this to a pity.


Come on, I am anxious.


I did not know that I had no idea what was going on with yuyu, but Idiots such as crazy traveling, recklessness, crazy crime, etc. come up weirdly.


I was not ashamed that I was asleep at first in the first place.


I would not mind anymore if I would like this to happen often.


A few days after that, I drove my courage and went to a doctor's office in Chiai to consult and see.


However, the doctor says, "It's basically a gonorrhea, but you don't have to worry about it once it's a seizure, so using nerves is what makes the disease worse."


Take care of yourself as much as possible, feel calm, live regular life, and strengthen your body.


Then, it is a very optimistic story that nature's illness will be fixed and finished.


So, I gave up too, but unfortunately I was a very nervous afflicted man, and once I had such a thing, I was worried and worried about it, and I couldn't even study It was like that.


I hope that this should not happen again, but for the time being, it was a daily thing, but things such as preparation and one-month counting ended with nothing happening.


I wondered if I could help him, I wondered, it was a moment of envy, and this time soon I had a worse attack than before, and I wandered around and stole another's goods.