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二癈人:江戸川 乱歩(83-110)/282


When I woke up in the morning, I saw a strange pocket watch under my pillow, or while thinking that it was strange, a man from a company employee who was in the same boarding room said, "I have no watch. There is no clock, I wonder.


I realized "Well done", but it is a misunderstanding that I can not go to apologize because it is so bad.


At last I asked for my previous friend, proved that I was a dream play sick, turned it back, and finally I got a play field, but from now on, "Ihara is a dream play sick" The rumor spreads quickly, and it seems that even the topic in the classroom of the school goes up.


Somehow I will cure this shameful disease, buy books to read it, read various health laws, and, of course, change several doctors and see for a while. Well, I did my best to do it, but I am going to get worse and worse, not how to fix it.


Once a month, when it's awful twice | to address, there is always an example of a seizure, and the scope of a gossip is gradually broadening the scope of the adventure.


And each time you bring someone else's goods or drop it to the point where you brought your belongings.


Even if it did not happen, it would have been impossible for others to know it, but the bad thing is that there is usually some evidence left.


Or if it is young, even if you have a seizure frequently if not so, it may have ended without knowing that there is no evidence.


Anyway it was a creepy story.


One day I pulled out of the lodgings in the middle of the night, and had wandered around the graveyard of a nearby temple.


The bad thing is that at that time a certain person in the same boarding house passes by as he or she goes out of the banquet, admits my appearance over the low hedge, and ghostly in the morning The fact is that when it turns out that it was me, it's a huge reputation.


That's how I like to laugh.


In the eyes of others, it may be a comedy more than the Suga family, but how hard it was for me at the time, and how weird it was, if I felt that it was a very person and I would not I do not have this.


During the beginning, it was so scary to wonder whether I would go wrong again tonight or to sleep and sleep tonight, but it was becoming scary that I just slept.


No matter if I fall asleep, it has become a threat that I have to go to bed at night.


When that happens, it is a silly story, but even if you are not your own, it is unbelievable to say that looking at things like nightwear.


For the average person the most peaceful rest time of the day is the most difficult time for me.


What an unhappy person he was.


Besides, I have had one horrible worry from the time this attack started to occur.


For such a comedy will last forever, and it should be done with a length that has become a person's laugh, but if this does not mean that it will produce some tragic tragedy of a certain day. It was a point.


As I mentioned earlier, the books about dreaming sickness are collected with all the best effort that can be made and read it over and over again, so there are many examples of crime of the dreaming sick person etc. I knew it.


And, among them were included a number of bloody events that shudder.


It was not impossible for me to know how I worried about it or to feel unwell even when I saw the group.


I suddenly realized that I could not do this.


I made up my mind to return to the country with further study.


So one day, it was about half a year after the first attack, but I wrote a long letter and consulted with my parents.


And while waiting for the reply, what happened, the event that I was afraid of was finally realized and finished.


It's a tragedy that's irrevocable, like the end of my life.