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二癈人:江戸川 乱歩(111-147)/282


Mr. Saito listened without moving.


But his eyes seemed to speak more than being attracted to the narrative interest.


The spa facilities that had passed especially during the writing of New Year's Day also had a small number of guests, and they silently made no noise.


I did not come to hear the roar of the bird any longer.


The two prisoners were confronted with anomalous tension in a world far removed from the real world.


"It's just 20 years ago, the fall of Meiji XX.


It is a very old story.


When I woke up one morning, I realized that the house was somehow noisy.


I was immediately attacked by the feeling that I had not done something wrong with the injured leg, but while I was sleeping for a while, I thought that it was not the only problem. did.


A horrible precarious feeling comes on my back with a sore feeling.


I watched the room for a long time without hesitation.


Then somehow the situation is strange.


I felt that there was a strange place in the room that I had last night when I went to bed.


So, when I looked up and looked at it, I saw something strange as expected.


You may have a small bath cloth at the entrance of the room.


When I saw it, I wonder what it was, I grabbed it in Yaniwa and put it in a closet.


And when I closed the door of the intruder, I was relieved to see a thief and feel a sigh.


Just then there was no sound and Shoji opened and one friend pulled out.


And in a small voice, I'm indebted to you, "That's a big deal,"


If I do not feel that I have not realized the current behavior and I do not reply, "The old man is killed.


There was a thorn in the night.


Well come see a minute.


That's why my friends had gone.


When I heard that, my throat seemed to be blocked and I couldn't move for a while, but I finally took my mind and went out of the room to see what happened.


And what did I see and what did I hear?


...... The strange mind that can not be said at that time is remembered like the thing of yesterday even as it is only twenty years later.


In particular, the begging death face of that old man does not have time to flicker and come off in front of this eye, even when sleeping or waking up. "


Mr. Ihara looked around, as he could not stand fear.


"Oh, when you pick up the event and ask for it, just that night the son-in-law was going to a relative for a stay, so the old man of the lodging was sleeping alone in the room beside the front door, but always Since the master who wakes up in the morning sleeps for a long time only for a day, when one of the maids thinks suspiciously and looks into the room and sees it, the old man is lying in bed, flannel lying and sleeping It was strangling with a collar and it was getting cold.


As a result of the settlement, it was found that the perpetrator killed the old man, took out the key from the old man's purse, opened the drawer of the fortress, and stole a large amount of bonds and stock certificates from the cash box in the box.


For a minute or so, the boarding house has always locked the entrance door for the guests coming back late, so it is a good idea for the burglars to enter, but instead it was good Because the old man who was killed was a foolish and nimble man, I was relieved to see if it was rare or not.


It seems that no other clue was found on the spot, but the only rumor was that a dirty handkerchief had fallen under the old man's pillow, and it was taken by a Samurai official. is.


After a while, I stood in front of my room's break-in, whether it was open or not, opened out, retracted or upset.


Inside the crush there is a space, for example, a bath cloth.


If you find the property of the old man who was killed by looking at it and looking at it ... well please see my mind at that time.


It is really the last minute of my life.


For a long time, I thought that my life was shrinking, but I could not stand up by all means, but I finally checked my mind and found it.