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二癈人:江戸川 乱歩(148-194)/282


As soon as that was happening, I became dizzy and dizzy, and for a while, I had lost my mind.


...... There was.


Bonds and stock certificates were properly contained in the blankets ....


The handkerchiefs that had fallen to the scene were later found to be mine.


After all, I came out myself in the day.


And after having been interrogated many times by various officials, I was admitted to the unsuspecting prisoner that I think even if I think.


I felt that I was being treated for a daytime nightmare.


Because there was no such thing as a crime of a dreaming sick person, there was an examination of specialists, a testimony of boarders, etc., but there were various investigations that took a lot of trouble, but I was a son of a considerable house and killed for money. It is clear that there is no reason to commit a crime, that it is obvious in the testimony of friends etc. that I am a dream play sick person, and three fathers also go to Tokyo and ask for a lawyer The first friend who found a dreamwalking disease-a man named Kimura-was a man named Kimura-that man enthusiastically exercised on behalf of his alumni, there were all sorts of other favorable circumstances for me. It will also be


After a long undecided life, he was finally sentenced to innocence.


By the way, despite being innocent, the fact of killing is still right.


What a strange position.


I was too tired to feel happy about the innocent decision.


As soon as I was released, I returned to my hometown with my father.


However, when I crossed the threshold of the house, I was a half sick person until then, and I was a real sick person and ended up living for half a year in bed.


...... That's why I ended my life with a stick.


I let my younger brother do the trace of my father, and then I have lived for a long period of twenty years after that, with the circumstances of being a young retiree, but it has not been bothersome by now.


Hahaha ... "


Mr. Ihara signed a long talk on his own with a weak laugh.




"It's boring, I think it was boring.


Come on, let's put one hot one. "


While pulling, he pulled in the tea utensils.


"Is that so.


Even if you look at the small part, it looks like you're quite well, but if you look at it, you're still unhappy. "Mr. Saito exhales a meaningful sigh," Did you fix it? "


"Strangely, after a murder, it never happens as we forgot.


The doctor says that probably because she received a bad ache that much then. "


"If that was your friend ... you said Kimura-san.


...... That person saw your attack at first.


And then what happened to the watch incident, then the ghost incident on the graveyard, and ... otherwise.


Would you please tell me if it was your memory? "


Mr. Saito suddenly stole a few words and said something like this.


His only one eye was glowing strangely.


"I agree.


It was a similar event, and after the murder case, it would have changed the most when you went to the graveyard.


The rest was almost like breaking into the room of the same inn. "


"Well, it was discovered because we always brought items or dropped."


"That's right.


However, it may have been frequent if not so.


Perhaps it might have been to a faraway rather than a graveyard. "


"When did you first discuss with your friend Kimura, when you were seen by a working person in the grave, and when there was something else you saw?"


"No, there seems to be a lot.


Some people heard that there was a roar that was walking through the corridors of the lodgings in the middle of the night, and some saw that they had seen a break in another room.


But why do you ask such a thing.


Isn't it like I was being investigated? "


Mr. Ihara laughed innocently and showed it, but it could not but betrayed that he did not think it was a bit creepy.


"Please excuse me.


It's not that way, but even if you're a person with a personality who is temporarily obsessed, it's unthinkable for me to do such horrible things.