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双生児:江戸川 乱歩(198-233)/302


Oddly enough, the feeling as a whole is almost the same, but it is quite different when it comes to parts.


I just took my fingerprints of my wife and maids to see them, but they didn't look a little like this, of course.


So, I can not think that this is my brother's fingerprint.


It is not impossible that it was similar to my fingerprint.


We were just too similar twins, what the rule | The difference was, indeed, fingerprints.


I thought it would be serious if there were a lot of other things left, so I did my best to find out what I could do.


I went through a lot of books one by one, looked in closets, dust in the corner of the cupboard, and looked for places where all the fingerprints remained. Were not found.


I was a little relieved, and when I finished making the pages of this diary ashes, I was about to throw it into the brazier, without worrying about it anymore.


And that's it.


It's just like inspiration-it's not God's inspiration, but maybe it's the devil-a good idea came up.


If you put this fingerprint in the form and someday you decide to commit a second crime, what happens if you put the fingerprint in that place in the place of the crime?


The devil sow in my ear.


For example, in the extreme case, I kill myself.


In that case, I imagined that I, as a younger brother who had first been to Korea, came back to the inland, and dressed like a fallen brother from my heart, from my heart.


On the one hand, I give my field absence certificate as my brother.


And I commit a murder.


Of course, be careful not to leave any evidence in the field.


This may or may not be enough.


However, it is dangerous when I was questioned by my brother as a young man.


Even if you are ready for alibi, why not guarantee that it will not be exposed?


By the way, in that case, what if the fingerprint of this true brother remained in the field?


There is no one who remembers my fingerprints of the time when I was my younger brother, so there is no reason for the fingerprints to be shared with anyone.


Even if someone witnessed my crime scene, the difference in this fingerprint just makes me innocent.


For the police, I will have forever to find a man with a fingerprint of an already dead person, and, besides my brother as a brother, I as a brother without a bribe who is already in the world.


I was ecstatic to this wonderful idea.


That visionary novel, just Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, can actually be implemented.


I have probably never felt happier as much as when I came up with this scheme, throughout my lifetime.


At the same time, when I came up with it, I was still immersed in a happy life and was not thinking about trying to do wrong.


I tried it in practice after I started playing and suffered debt.


One time, I stole a little bit of money from my friend's house in this way.


Making the fingerprints of the example in rubber format was not a big pain for me, who had some experience in platemaking.


And since then, I used this hand every time I had trouble with the play money.


And I could not even ask for any doubt.


In some cases, even if the victim gives up and does not deliver it to the police, or even if the temporary police station is over, it will be buried in a rage without going to the discovery of fingerprints, or there will be no ties The thief just succeeded with ease.


And finally, I finally ended in committing a murder crime.


I have a record for this last crime of my last, so I'll quite easily give it to you, but when I was pressed for the money I got for a bit of debt due to the repeated debts, one person For some reason-what is the secret money of the political campaign or something-that the union would have to pay 30,000 yen for any reason-that it must be kept in a safe at home overnight I heard from the person's mouth in front of the safe.