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赤い部屋:江戸川 乱歩(30-59)/400


When I say this way, you are probably "yes, yes, but we will never get rid of you because we are bored of things in the world."


So why not create a club like this and seek out some unusual excitement?


If you are well bored, you may have joined our group now.


It must be said that you already know that you are bored without having to listen to it any more.


It is so true.


I had no need to explain anything boring and boring.


And if you thought you knew what boredom was like that, I decided to go to this seat tonight to talk about my strange story.


I often go out and go to the restaurant in the lower floor, and the master who is here naturally is cheap, and I have not only heard about this “red room” meeting from before Oita, but also to join it once and for all Were even advised.


Despite that, I'm a bored person who has nothing to do with such a story, and I'm not joining until today, I may be rude, but it is a comparison with you and others It was because I was so bored.


It was because I was too bored.

 犯罪と探偵の遊戯ですか、降霊術其他の心霊上の様々の実験ですか、Obscene Picture の活動写真や実演やその他のセンジュアルな遊戯ですか、刑務所や、瘋癲病院や、解剖学教室などの参観ですか、まだそういうものに幾らかでも興味を持ち得るあなた方は幸福です。

Is it a crime and detective game, various experiments on the spirit spirit group and other spirits, is it an activity picture or demonstration of Obscene Picture, is it a play other sensuous game, such as a jail, acupuncture hospital, an anatomic classroom, etc. If you are visiting or are still interested in something like that, you are happy.


I was not surprised at all, even when I heard that you were planning to look for executions.


The reason is that when I was told by the master, I was not only bored with such common acupuncture, but it was a bit scary to say that it was a wonderful game for a certain world. Because, I found one thing that I could say play, and I was fascinated with that pleasure.


You may be surprised if you suddenly ask for that game, but ... it's a murderer.


It's a real murder.


What's more, since I discovered the game, I have taken the lives of nearly a hundred men, women and children by today just for the purpose of defeating boredom.


You may, then, be quick to decide whether I'm now repenting of the terrible guilt and trying to make a confession, but by no means.


I have not regretted it at all.


I am not afraid of my sins.


On the contrary, what does it mean?


I have been bored with the bloody stings that kill me recently.


And this time, I started to smoke for that opiate smoking for something that kills myself rather than others.


It seems to me that in this way, I'm proud that this life was so sad to me that I have endured patience, but even if murdering, even if I'm already committing suicide, I'm looking for a sting Is not there?


I will soon be killed for opiate poison.


I think so, at least while I was able to go through a hard-lined story, I would overthrow and leave something that I came.


Isn't the people in this "red room" the most appropriate for that?


That's why I wasn't actually a member of your group, but I just added it to one of the members, just to hear and listen to my strange story.


And, fortunately, the newcomers had to make sure they had to talk like something about the purpose of the meeting on the first night, so it was an opportunity to fulfill my hope this evening. It is as soon as we can catch it.


It's been roughly three years from now |


At that time, as I said, I was bored with all kinds of acupuncture, no life for nothing, just like an animal with the name of one animal, I was living in the sun with Nolari But the spring of that year was still a cold hour and minute, probably because it was around the end of February or the beginning of March, one night I ran into a strange event .