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赤い部屋:江戸川 乱歩(60-98)/400


The fact that I had a hundred lives was indeed motivated by the events of the evening.


I wondered if I had a late night stay somewhere around now.


I think I was a little drunk.


Even though it was a cold night, I did not ride on the slapsticks and slaps and followed the road.


If I turn around in a side street and turns into a town, and it is my house, I turn around in the side street without hesitation, and a man comes to visit here in a state of being outraged at the meeting head. I was shocked.


I was surprised, but the man looked more surprised and was silent for a while, but when I recognized my appearance with the light of a vague street, I was not asking "Does there be a doctor in this area?" ?


Looking at it carefully, the man is a car driver, and now there is an old man there (possibly a vain guy looking at the place he was hanging around alone in the middle of the night), and he had a major injury It is said that


If you look at it, one car will be parked in the near future, and you will fall on the side of it with a kind of human being, and you will be scorned by it.


Even though it is a police box, it is far from Oita, and the suffering of the injured person is severe, so the driver must try to find a doctor first.


Since the geography of that area is the neighborhood of my home, I told the location of the doctor's office well, so I immediately told him to do so.


"If you go here to the left only in Nicho, there is a house with a red eaves on the left.


It is M doctor's office.


I should go there and slam up. "


Then the driver immediately assisted the assistant and carried the injured person to the M clinic.


I saw it off until the back view of them disappeared in the dark, but I thought it would be boring even if I engaged in such things, so I came home soon-I'm a single person .


--- It was probably because I was intoxicated on the floor where I was laid and I was drunk.


It's really nothing.


If I had forgotten about the incident, that was the story.


However, when I woke up the next day, I still remembered the little happening that night.


And that injured person began to think about whether he was saved or not necessary.


Then I noticed something strange.


"Y, I finished making a big mistake"


I was surprised.


It wasn't that she was insane, although she was intoxicated, but what I thought was that I was carrying the injured person to the M clinic and so on.


"If you go here to the left only in two towns, there is a house with red eaves on the left ..."


I also completely remember the words of that time.


Why instead


"If you go here to the right, there is a doctor specializing in surgery called K Hospital"


I did not say that.


The M that I taught was a well-received acupuncturist, and it was even suspicious if I could do surgery.


However, in the opposite direction to M, there is a well-equipped surgical hospital K, which is closer than M.


Of course I was jealous that I knew it well.


Why did you tell me something wrong when I knew it?


The mysterious state of mind at that time is still not well understood by now, but perhaps it is said to have been forgotten.


I've been a bit nervous, so if you let me search the rumors of the neighborhood without hesitation, I'm sure that the injured person is Mio plum, who died in the doctor's office at M's office.


It is a shame that any doctor can carry such an injured person.


It's no doubt that it's a one-half night time, so it's no surprise, but at M clinic I wasn't open enough to say anything, no matter how hard you hit the door.


It is no doubt that it was already too late by the hour and minute when I finally carried the injured person.


But at that time, if the master of M doctor's office said, "Because I am not a specialist, please go to the nearby K hospital," or the injured person might have been saved. But what a stupid thing.