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赤い部屋:江戸川 乱歩(99-133)/400


He seems to have tried to handle the difficult patient himself.


And I was frustrated, according to the rumor that Mr. M was completely upset, saying that he had been working with an injured person for an unfairly long time.


When I heard that, I ended up feeling something strange like this.


How many people in this case have killed the poor old people?


It goes without saying that both the driver and doctor of the car are responsible for each.


And if there is a legal punishment there, it will probably be done against the driver's negligence, but in fact the most serious person responsible is this I?


At that time, if I taught K Hospital instead of M Clinic, the injured person might have been saved for a while.


The driver just injured him.


It is not a murder.


There was no place for Dr. M to give up because he was disappointed because he had poor medical skills.


Well, even if he had a point to blame, it's bad that I had taught an inappropriate M clinic.


In other words, depending on my instructions at that time, I was able to save and kill the old man.


It would be the driver how much he got hurt.


But is it not this one that killed me?


This is when I thought that my order was a total of accidental negligence, but what if it weren't negligence but what was out of my intention to kill the old man? It will be.


Not to mention.


Aren't I actually guilty of murder?


However, although the law punishes a temporary driver, it probably won't even sue me, the de facto murderer.


The reason is that I know that I have nothing to do with a dead old man.


And, even if I was suspected, I would only have to say that I had forgotten something about the surgeon's office.


That is a problem in my mind at all.




Have you ever thought about such a murder law?


I have noticed for the first time in this car incident, but if you think about it and see it, what is the most difficult place in this world?


When a man like me will teach a doctor wrongly for no reason, or if it fits an eye that would otherwise end up with a life that could otherwise be withdrawn It is not something that


This is what I actually did and then succeeded, but when a rural lady crosses the railroad track and just put one foot on the track, it is obvious that not only the railroad but also cars, bicycles and carriages The head of the lady must be confusing enough because the rickshaw and so on are lined differently.


It is assumed that an express train or something came up like a ship and came close to a couple of minutes before the moment when the one-legged call was made.


At that time, nothing happens if the old lady ends up crossing the track as it is without paying attention to it, but if someone is going to scream with a loud voice "Dangerous old lady", it will end up in vain Whether you want to leave it or return it back, it must be a bit messy.


And if the train can't stop quickly because it's too close, the single word "Dangerous daughter" can cause the girl to be seriously injured, and if it gets worse, it will take up to even life It does not mean that you do not know.


As I said earlier, at one time I once finished killing a single countryman this way.


(Mr. T cut a word here and laughed weirdly)


In this case, I was clearly a murderer who called out "Dangerous".


But who doubts my murder intention.


Is there anyone who imagines that there is a man who is trying to kill a stranger who has no regrets, just because of the homicide interest?


Besides, the word of the word "dangerous" can only be thought of as something that comes out of favor, as it is interpreted and viewed.