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赤い部屋:江戸川 乱歩(134-168)/400


On the surface, there is no reason to be grateful for being grateful from the dead.


Everyone, how safe is it?


People in the world are completely relieved to believe that wrongdoings must be legally punishable by punishment.


No one can imagine that the law would miss a murderer.


But what about?


If you think about the homicide law without a caring touch that touches the law a little, which can be analogized from the two examples I have just proposed, there is not much.


When I was aware of this, I felt more enjoyable without admiring the margin of the Creator who left the room for such guilt, rather than being scorned by the horrors of the world.


Actually I was overjoyed with this discovery.


How wonderful is it?


Even if it is done by this method, I am the same as Taisho Seiyo, so to say, I am abolished.


So I came up with this kind of murder to avoid the boredom associated with that death.


A murderer who absolutely does not touch the law, a murderer who can not see any Sherlock Holmes, ah, what a wonderful sleepless awakening.


Since then, I have been for the past three years, looking forward to killing people, and for a long time I have completely forgotten all the boredom.


Don't laugh at you guys.


Although I am not the only one to kill the hundred people in the warring era, as the warring greats, I vowed to myself not to stop this murder in the middle until the one hundred lives.


It is just three months before now, I just finished ninety-nine people.


And when I was one more person, as I said earlier, I was already bored to kill him, but it is the horn and so on, what kind of style does the ninety-nine people Did you kill?


Of course, I didn't feel a bit jealous of any one of the ninety-nine people, but because I'm just interested in the unseen method and the results, I would like to repeat the same method once did not do it.


After having killed alone, it was another pleasure to think about what kind of new device this will be done this time.


However, at this seat, I have no time to talk about my ninety-nine different murder laws, and what I came here tonight is to confess how to kill each such individual It wasn't for the sake of being guilty, but he tried to escape from boredom until committing such a wicked guilt, and also, finally, getting bored with the guilty, this time I'm trying to kill this self, It is because I want to talk about my heart and ask for your judgment, so I will stop for a few examples of the murder policy, and I will keep it.


It was not long after I discovered this method, but this happened.


There was a single Satsuma in my neighborhood, and it was a horrible atrocist who often suffers from disability.


When others do various attentions from the deep cut, on the other hand, they reverse it, don't think that they can't see it and make a fool of the person. I will do what I said in my words.


Why isn't it pretty strong?


It was about one day.


As I was walking on a certain main street, I came across the street where the strong man Satsuma came.


He is walking along with a stick while carrying a cane on his shoulder and singing his nose.


Sewage work had begun in the town just yesterday, and a deep hole had been dug on one side of the traffic, but he is blind and can not see the sign of one-way traffic stop, so what a concern I am walking along the side of the hole in vain.


Seeing that, I came up with a strange idea.




Called the name of "Hay N you" and Satsuma (I often asked for medical treatment and got to know each other)


"I'm sorry, I got to the left, I got to the left."


I yelled.


I did that in a rather joky way.


Because, in this way, he thought that he was supposedly fooled by the nature of everyday life, and he thought that he had to go to the right and to the right without going to the left.