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赤い部屋:江戸川 乱歩(169-205)/400


Sure enough, he is


"Ehehehe ....


Just kidding "


And so on while making a mouth response that made me nervous, I got two legs and three legs in the opposite direction to the right, so I stepped on one leg into the hole of the sewage work and got to the bottom with a length in a row. I was depressed and finished.


Rather than turning to the edge of the hole in the guise of a surprised wind,


"I wonder if it worked well," he looked at it, but he was bad at home, but he was stuck at the bottom of the hole and stuck with a sharp stone protruding around the hole.


Red-and-black blood is flowing with codfish at the head of one-minute cutting.


Then it looks like it's biting with the tongue, and it's bleeding from the mouth and nose as well.


Her complexion is already pale and she is not even willing to make a roar.


Thus, this Satsuma lived with insect breath for only a week, but he finally ended.


My plan was admirably successful.


Who doubts me.


I have always called this Satsuma in a routine manner, and there was no such a grudge as a motive for homicide, and in an attempt to avoid having a pitfall on the surface on the surface, It is a translation that teaches me "turn to the left, turn to the left", so some people will admit to my favor, but some people will imagine that there was a horrific killing intent behind the words that seemed kind There is no jealousy.


Oh, what a horrible and fun game!


The joy, the exciting tension when performing the trick, and the incomprehensible satisfaction when the end was achieved, as I think of the clever tricks, perhaps comparable to that of the artist, and also my sacrifice A man and a woman who became, the scene of a desperate devil that is crazy and insanely wandering without knowing that a murderer is in front of them, for the first time, how well they have fallen for making me a climax.


There was also such a thing at one time.


It was a cloudy day above summer, but I would say it is a suburban cultural village.


I was walking around where about ten western buildings lined up sparsely.


And it's just when you've passed the back of one of the finest concrete-built Western buildings.


A strange thing suddenly caught my eye.


It is said that one sparrow that flew off my nose at that time and then flew in a whirlpool, and when it came to an inch with a thick wire that was pulled from the roof of the house to the ground, it was suddenly bounced back. It fell to and died as it was.


I thought that it was a strange thing and looked closely, it was found that the wire was coming out of the lightning rod standing on the top of the pointed roof of the Western-style building.


The wire had been coated, of course, but the part where the sparrow was stopped was how it was peeled off.


I don't know much about electricity, but I remember that I heard that somewhere in the wire of the lightning rod that a strong current may flow due to the action of airborne electricity, so I'm sorry I was aware of it.


It was the first time I came across something like this, so I thought it was rare and I stopped there for a while and looked at the wire.


Then there came a group of children who seemed to be playing with something from the side of the Western-style building, saying, "Gayagaya", but six or seven little boys among them were outside. The children went quickly and finished, but when one of them left and saw what they would like to do, they would stand in front of the wire of the lightning rod and stand in front of them. And, I started standing up.


Seeing that, I came up with one new measure again.


I learned that water was an electrical conductor in junior high school.


It is unreasonable to piss the covered area of the wire from the small place where the child stands now.


There is no difference in the conductor after all because the urine is water.


So I called the child:


"Good boy.


Peep on the wire and take a look.


Tokaikai "


Then the child is


"I can't translate, look and see"


When I thought about that, I changed my attitude and suddenly made a peep on the spot where the wire land appeared.