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盗難:江戸川 乱歩(143-183)/346


Well, I'm disappointed with this. "


Suddenly the policeman got up that way.


I kept holding a bunch.


Then, in the other hand, I'm pointing the pistol that I took out of my pocket to us without hesitation.


Isn't it funny?


In such a case, it is said that I will pass away without changing the condition of the police officer.


It's a guy who's a good boy.


Needless to say, neither the boss nor I could sit up without a voice.


I was overwhelmed.


I do not realize that there will be newcomers who come to the family register check and become familiar with it.


I already believed that it was a real police officer.


He went out of the room as it is, but it is not so if I think I'm going home.


After leaving the bran a little bit open, the gap between the pistol's mouth is pointing towards us towards us.


It does not move at all for a long time.


Although it is dark and I do not understand well, I feel that one eyeball of the musician looks at it from the gap above the pistol.


...... Oh, did you understand?


It is a good business condition.


That's right.


I hung the pistol with a thin string from the nail of the house, and it looked as if the human being set the aim.


But at that time we can not afford to think about that.


It's full of fear that you may not come to see him now.


After a while, my boss, Mr. Susumu, opened the bran with the pistol in sight and came into the room, so it was like the situation was finally understood.


The funny thing is that the chief, Mr. Susumu, carefully sent out the pilgrim who steals the money and the mischief who turned him into a conspiracy.


I did not make a loud voice, nor was it a noise, so I didn't understand anything to the small man in the middle of the tea.


When I go there, the musician says, "I'm sorry to disturb you," a phase that called out to you.


It is the phase that Mr. Minoru also thought that it was a bit strange, "Don't do something to see off well," but it was said that he had seen off to the entrance by himself at the corner.


It's a big laugh.


Then, the employer who was sleeping came up, and it became a fuss, but at that time, it was about the time when the mud-boof had already fled ten cities.


Everybody's thing came to the gate without hope.


And while looking to the left and right of the dark town, I ran away to there, and when I ran out to here, I moved the time to a rating that won't go down.


It's a late night, so the houses on both sides have closed doors and the town is dark.


The round eaves are just shining in a row, with one in four or one in five.


Then, one black shadow pops up from the next town, and it seems that it seems to be the constables coming here.


When I looked at it, I was surprised to find that the present idiot has come back to meet us again.


And involuntarily grabbed the arm of the chief and silently pointed it.


But it wasn't a mess, but this time it was a real constable.


It looks as if the consul was suspicious about what was going on in our moths and asked what was happening.


So my boss and I are just good places.


Please ask me if you ask me, I will tell you the situation of the theft, and it will be very bad for me to follow you from now on, so I will go back to the station and set up an emergency line immediately It is no doubt that it is a fake police officer, but if you wear such a dress, it will be easy to see and you will be able to get in touch with you. I went back to the one who came now on the way.


It was a story that we could not get lost and get back the money in the mouth of the constables, so we felt great pleasure, and we were relieved, but, well, how are you going to work so well? There is none.


The day I was talking about it today as to whether it was notified by the police or whether the money I received would return tomorrow.