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指環:江戸川 乱歩(1-65)/113




Edogawa Ranpo

A 失礼ですが、いつかも汽車で御一緒になった様ですね。

A Excuse me, but it seems like you've been with us by train.

B これは御見それ申しました。

B This has been good to see.


Speaking of which, I also remember.


After all it was this line.

A あの時は飛んだ御災難でした。

A That time was a disaster that flew away.

B いや、お言葉で痛み入ります。

B No, I have a pain in your words.


I also wondered what to do at that time.

A あなたが、私の隣の席へいらしったのは、あれはK駅を過ぎて間もなくでしたね。

A You came to the seat next to me just after K station.


You were able to lower a bag of mandarin with a suitcase.


And I would recommend that mandarin orange also to me.


...... I would like to say the truth.


I could not but think that you are strange and accustomed.

B そうでしょう、私はあの日はほんとうにどうかしていましたよ。

B Yes, I was really worried that day.

A そうこうしている内に、隣の一等車の方から、興奮した人達がドヤドヤと這入って来ましたね。

A While I was doing so, excited people came in from Doya Doya from the first-class car next door.


And one of those ladies went to the conductor who came with me and pointed at you.

B あなたはよく覚えていらっしゃる、車掌に「一寸君、失敬ですが」と云われた時には変な気がしましたよ。

B You remember well, when I was told by the conductor, "Don't you, I'm disappointed," I felt strange.


When I listened to it carefully, I was surprised to hear that lady's diamond ring.

A でも、あなたの態度は中々お立派でしたよ。

A But your attitude was good.


"Don't be foolish.


That would be a difference.


You can't say "Please check my body for anything", a line that is a bit overwhelmed.

B おだてるもんじゃありません。

B Don't be foolish.

A 車掌なんてものは、ああした事に慣れていると見えて、中々抜目なく検査しましたっけね。

A It looks like you are accustomed to what you did, and you should check inside out.


A man named husband of a lady also made your body a toy too loudly.


However, even if I checked it hard, items did not come out at the end, and there was no chance for everyone to handle it.


It was really exciting.

B 疑いがはれても、乗客が皆、妙な目附で私の方を見るのには閉口しました。

B Despite doubts, all the passengers closed to see me with strange eyes.

A 併し、不思議ですね。

A It is strange, isn't it?


You may not say that the ring did not come out at last.


It is strange, isn't it?

B …………

B ............

A …………

A ............

B ハハハハハハ。

B ha ha ha ha ha.


Oy, isn't it too good to stop ignorance?


As you see, what everyone is listening to is nice.


I wonder if the left will last forever.

A フン、ではやっぱりそうだったのかね。

A Hung, did you think so?

B お前も中々隅へは置けないよ。

B You can not put it in the middle corner.


At that time, without saying a word about the beak that I threw out of the window, I made a guess and left for picking up later, why is it a genius.

A 成程、俺は随分すばしっこく立廻った積りだ。

A: I'm a pile of people who have been standing up very quickly.


That's because I was struck first by the way.


What I picked up is just five rotten mandarin oranges.

B 俺が窓から投げたのも五つだったぜ。

B It was five times that I threw from the window.

A 馬鹿云いねえ。

A Idiot.


Those five were all undamaged.


I had no trace of removing the ring.


A guy with a jealousy, Chan and Memee have been picked up first.

B ハハハハハハ。

B ha ha ha ha ha.


It's a comedian because it's not like that.

A オヤ、これはおかしい。

A Oya, this is funny.


Well, for what purpose that tangerine came out of the window.

B まあ考えても見ねえ。

B You can't even think about it.


At the same time, I will give you the goods that I received for my life.


Even if it's pushed into the temporary mandarin orange.


Don't know who to pick up, nor should you be scolded to the side of the track.


It is also said that the mystery that I had fallen to the original place until I went to pick up Noko.

A それじゃやっぱり蜜柑を抛った訳が分らないじゃないか。

A Well then, I guess you can't tell why it was roasted with mandarin orange.

B まあ聞きねえ、こういう訳だ。

B Well ask, this is why.


At that time, I stepped on a little bit, and because I was confessed by the lord, I was out of danger and ran away.


I have no time to do anything.


However, if you look at the seat next to you, if you come and see him, you may be chasing suddenly.


Well, I'm telling the conductor, this guy isn't worried about being out of control, but how should I deal with one thing now, in the case of a whale, some of my favorite wisdom will also come out .


It's a shameful story, but you're just getting frustrated.